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FDA extends Sportmix pet food recall from Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. after 70 pets have died.

NEW YORK – The FDA is expanding the recall of dry pet foods after more than 70 pets have died and dozens have been ill.

Pet food maker Sportmix recalled some of its products last month after discovering that it could contain serious levels of one of the fungi.

On Monday, the FDA said more than 70 pets died and more than 80 became ill after consuming the Sportmix pet food.

The FDA says not all cases are officially confirmed as aflatoxin poisoning through laboratory testing or veterinary record reviews.

But now the company is adding corn-containing products to the recall list.

Some of the reported symptoms were fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting, jaundice, and diarrhea. In rare cases, pets may suffer liver damage. But does not show any other symptoms

Pet owners should stop feeding their pets with the recalled products and consult their veterinarian, especially if the pet has an illness.

The newest recalled products list:

The following bulk pet food products are recalled if the date / lot code has an expiration date on or before “07/09/22”

; and has “05” in the date / lot code indicating the product. Made in the Oklahoma facility:

Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk, £ 40 each.
Pro Pac Performance Puppy bag, £ 40.
Splash Fat Cat 32% pack of 50 pounds.
Nunn Better Maintenance Bag, £ 50
Sportmix Original Cat bag, £ 15
Sportmix Original Cat Bag, £ 31
Sportmix Maintenance bag £ 44
Sportmix Maintenance bag £ 50

Sportmix High Protein 50 lb bag
Sportmix Energy Plus bag £ 44
Sportmix Energy Plus bag 50 pounds
Sportmix Stamina bag £ 44
Sportmix Stamina bag £ 50
Sportmix Bite Size Bag £ 40
Sportmix Bite Size Bag 44 lb.
Sportmix High Energy bag £ 44
Sportmix High Energy 50 lb bag
Sportmix Premium Puppy Bag, £ 16.5
Sportmix Premium Puppy Bag, £ 33

The list of original recalled pet food products includes:

-Sportmix Energy Plus bag, 50 pounds
Experience 03/02/22/05 / L2
Experience 03/02/22/05 / L3

Experience 03/03/22/05 / L2

-Sportmix Energy Plus pouch, £ 44
Experience 03/02/22/05 / L3

-Sportmix Premium High Energy 50 lb bag
Experience 03/03/22/05 / L3

-Sportmix Premium High Energy bags, 44 pounds
Experience 03/03/22/05 / L3

-Sportmix Original Cat Bag, £ 31
Experience 03/03/22/05 / L3

-Sportmix Original Cat bag, 15 pounds
Experience 03/03/22/05 / L2
Experience 03/03/22/05 / L3

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