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Federal appeals court overturned former Rep. Corryne Brown’s conviction.

Former agent Corryn Brown walks to federal court.

On May 5, 2017, File Photo Former Agent Corrine Brown walks to Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida | Bob Self / The Florida Times-Union via AP, File.

TALLAHASSEE – A divided federal appeals court late on Thursday overturned former Agent Corrine Brown’s conviction, verifying the judge’s fault for removing a jury at her ruling, who said it was “wrongly convinced”. “The Holy Spirit” said Brown was not guilty.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in the 7-4 Judgment said Brown, who was found guilty in 2017 of 18 felony counts related to using fake charities as a personal clone fund, deserved. New trial on corruption charges

The former Democratic congressman from Jacksonville, who has served for more than two decades, lost her bid for re-election last year after her seat was dramatically changed after a lengthy legal battle over the election. Redefine

Chief Justice William Pryor, writing for the majority, said the district judge’s decision to remove the jury after the trial had begun in the trial was wrong because there was no evidence the jury had. Engage in misconduct, or ultimately object to Confidence

“Corrine Brown is entitled to a unanimous decision by a general public jury,” Pryor wrote. “Dismantling of Jury No. 13 – A jury listening to God’s guidance as he sits in his trial. Brown and looked for evidence against her – leaving her missing one thing. “

Judge Charles Wilson, in the dissenting opinion, said the appeals court should not refute a district judge who spoke directly to a jury before deciding to remove him.

“A majority of the votes cast the district court ruling as a misinterpretation of religious expression while failing to defend unanimous jury rights. On the note, I disagree, ”Wilson wrote.“ The decision to remove Judiciary No. 13 is a tough claim and the District Court has not taken any action, but from the district court’s superior point of view it is necessary to make sure that Judiciary No. The verdicts are expressed in accordance with the law and evidence that are the principles that underpin our justice system.

Brown, who began her political career in the Florida Legislature, is famous for her influence and ability to motivate voters in her district.

Her district spans from Jacksonville to Orlando over the years and includes minority neighborhoods. But after a lengthy legal battle, the Florida Superior Court in 2015 approved a new congressional district that moved her county west from Duval County to Gadsden County west of the state capital.

Brown challenged the new district in federal court. But after losing the fight, she ran for re-election.

When her corruption trial emerged at the time, Representative All-Lawson, a former state senator from Tallahassee, defeated Brown in the Democratic primary election and has served in office since. come

Brown was sentenced to five years, but she was released from prison last year during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 11th Court’s three judges confirmed her conviction in January 2020, but a full court ruled against the case.

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