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Feds send message as they catch more Capitol riots: ‘FBI agents are coming to you’

The new allegations on Thursday rounded out two people accused of assaulting a police officer and a man who shocked many across the country by holding a Confederate flag in a town hall where he was widely photographed.

“We know who you are if you’re there and FBI agents will come to you,” he said during a security briefing at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington.

Kevin Seifried told the FBI he had brought the Confederate flag into government bodies last week after he and his son Hunter Seifried arrived in the nation’s capital on a date. Jan. 6 “To hear President Trump speak,”
; they marched to the city hall following a man with a bull, they told the FBI, according to court records.

Two Seefrieds were charged on Thursday of entering restricted areas and violent immigration or misconduct within City Hall, according to a criminal complaint in the DC District Court. Accused of punching through a glass window in the town hall, according to court records.

Kevin C.fried was one of the most requested people in the wake of the riots, as the FBI sought public advice last week.

A picture of him holding a Confederate flag in a city hall gets his own “search for information” flyer as the FBI tries to identify him. Many other viral photos from January 6 have not been singled out for such a distinctive feature.

Seefried’s alleged infringement was the first time the Confederate flag fought, which remains a symbol of racism and white supremacy in modern America, is in the U.S. authorities. During the Civil War, the Confederate soldiers were unable to invade Washington.

Violence against the police

Two men were charged with violence against police during the blockade of the City Hall, the federal government’s first charge of a crime against law enforcement.

Robert Sanford was arrested Thursday in Pennsylvania and accused of throwing fire extinguishers hitting three police officers in the head while they were in crowds on the porch of the gazebo. Sanford now faces four federal criminal charges in connection with riots, including assault, resistance or obstruction of officers on duty.

Court documents and footage of the incident led prosecutors to accuse Sanford of throwing a red object, which appeared to be a fire extinguisher, at police, causing the person to wear a helmet. Then a fire extinguisher ricocheted two officers, one without a helmet.

Another man, Peter Francis Stager of Arkansas, faces a criminal charge in connection with an alleged assault on a uniformed officer. He was accused of using a flagpole with an American flag to hit an officer as he lay on the floor surrounded by crowds, according to court records in the DC District Court.

The video also shows Stager saying “death is the cure” for the people of the city hall, prosecutors said.

There are no known arrests related to the death of Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick at this time.

The man accused of threatening Pelosi to be in custody.

The judge decided to keep Cleveland Meredith Jr., who was accused of taking a bullet trailer to Washington and sending a message about the shooting of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – to jail while he awaited trial. In doing so, the judge made the first major defense decision among the federal agency’s seriousness-related cases last week.

“If I had a harassment case before me, I don’t remember,” DC District Court Judge Michael Harvey said Thursday during a one-hour trial that Meredith should have been sentenced. Control or not On Wednesday, the judge questioned whether the Justice Department had done enough to address the need to keep Meredith in prison, as he is now serving two minor charges.

Meredith was accused of driving from Colorado to Washington the day before Trump’s rally with more than 2,500 ammunition and an assault rifle. He is said to have been known to send messages that he wanted to shoot or run Pelosi and shot D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, according to court records. He also spoke of “war time” and the day of the bloodshed after Trump’s rally, law enforcement said. He is now facing two counts of writing threats and possession of unregistered firearms and ammunition, according to court documents.

Prosecutors noted at Thursday’s trial that they believed Meredith was a follower of QAnon and that he had hurt others in Washington last week in a street rage incident.

Harvey rejects the argument that Meredith cannot be legally caught or that he may be released and monitored and will not be dangerous.

The warning and safety planning continues.

New York Police Deputy Commissioner John Miller warned at a teleconference on Thursday that the temperature was high due to in connection with inaugural intelligence. Miller said there was no credible threat to New York City.

“There’s nothing like past threats. We haven’t had Americans fighting Americans on the streets in the nation’s capital since the Civil War,” Miller said.

Miller said the rioters successfully entered government agencies, indicating it was. “Milestone” for the movement

But he went on to suggest that arrests taking place across the country could hinder the move.

The recurring issue in the federal defendant’s description of allegations is the amount of intentional surrender to law enforcement after it was identified as part of a conspiracy and talked to authorities about involvement. Join

For example, a man arrested in Alabama last Thursday, Joshua Matthew Black, spoke about spilling blood on the Senate floor in the name of Jesus, while he himself was blood. Out on the cheek, according to the criminal charge papers and his image On that day and after

He later told the FBI that he had achieved his goals.

FBI Director Wray said in a security briefing at FEMA on Thursday that the office is reviewing all incoming leaders, from calls for armed protests to other threats that have been growing since the day. January 6

He noted that the FBI has “confidence” in preparation and security for Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

CNN’s Evan Perez, Shimon Prokupecz, Allison Malloy and Paul Murphy contributed to this report.

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