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Filed: Amazon warned Parler for months about “over 100” serious threats.

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On Tuesday, Amazon brought a receipt in response to the Parler lawsuit, which appears to have shut down the social networking platform, detailing AWS̵

7;s repeated efforts to Let Parler deal with the explicit threats of violence posted on the service.

After a violent uprising at the US Capitol on Wednesday, AWS kicked Parler out of the web hosting platform at midnight on Sunday.In response, Parler filed a lawsuit accusing Amazon of breaching the contract for a reason. Political and conspiracy to Twitter to drive competitors offline.

But the ban is not related to In a filing a response (PDF), Amazon said “this case is about Parler’s unwillingness and inability” to remove malicious content. Actively, including incite and planned posts “Rape, torture and assassination of named public officials and private citizens … AWS suspends Parler’s account as a last resort to prevent further access to such content, including violent schemes to thwart the transition.” Through the impending president “

“If the breach demonstrates Parler’s failure and the inability to identify and delete the content,” Amazon added, “AWS’s attraction to hosting content that is planned to promote and incite violence will never happen.” Before “

Not suddenly

To outside observers, Parler’s spike and subtle platform cuts at the end of last week and over the weekend may feel very sudden.Parler launched in 2018, but it gained widespread popularity a few months ago. Passed through during the November elections

Reports first published in December that right-wing elements were using Parler and other platforms to plan some protests or rallies in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, the world saw those “rallies” taking place. How it happened last week.

On Friday following an incident at Capitol, Google banned Parler from its Android app store, citing the platform’s failure to remove it. “Serious content like a post inciting violence” Apple followed another day, similarly suppressing Parler from iOS for its failure to deal with. At the end of the weekend, Parler was booted from AWS as well, and was completely offline.

But far from being suddenly cut off, Parler had month The warning, Amazon said, Amazon’s filing includes a copy of an e-mail sent to Parler in mid-November (a PDF of a content warning for racist remarks) containing screenshots showing racism about Democrats. Including former First Lady Michelle Obama, along with another user answer that All of them “

The company said Amazon provided “more than 100 additional representational content” supporting the Parler violence seven weeks later. Another document in the filing (PDF, including a content warning of racism and harassment of violence) provides dozens of examples of posts reported by Amazon to Parler starting mid-December. These posts call above all: especially transgender killing. Desires for war, competition and the killing of blacks and Jews. And murdered several activists and politicians such as Stacey Abrams, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez () and former President Barack Obama.

An AWS representative spoke with Parler’s top management on both January 8 and 9 about “The platform’s content moderation policies, processes, and tools,” Amazon said in response. Parler allegedly offered a step that required “volunteer” moderation, and Parler CEO John Matze told AWS, “Parler reported the content. Hold 26,000 reports that violate community standards and remain in service. “

A legitimate concern

The extreme threat posed by some Parler users has been proven far from hypothetical.

Nearly all of Parler’s content was archived before the service was completely offline.Gizmodo reporters excavating the archive were able to find hundreds of Parler users who posted videos to the platform from, in, or near the Capitol during the event. January 6

Separate efforts on Reddit and Twitter to collect screenshots and videos from Parler also show disruptive forms of threats and claims on the platform before and after the January 6 riots.

As the Washington Post reported on Tuesday, the FBI was also well aware of the threat of convincing violence online Jan. 5, the day before rioters stormed the Capitol, where It’s the FBI’s office in Norfolk, Virginia, has released part of the record. “The online thread specifically addressed the call for violence, stating that” prepared to fight, Congress must be heard. Broken doors, kicked in, and spilled blood from the BLM slave soldiers and their Pantifa, use violence, stop calling this a march or a rally or protest, get there ready for war, we get the president or we die, nothing. Otherwise it will achieve this goal. ”

The two threats of violence are unfortunately not diminishing.The District of Columbia is slowly turning into a fortress ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration next week, as the credible threat of violence remains its target not only. But only the country’s capital But also state capitals

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