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Filipino man dies after doing 300 squats in violation of COVID curfew | Philippines

A 28-year-old Filipino man has died after being accused of being forced by village officials to exercise 300 times as punishment for violating the coronavirus quarantine, his family said.

Darren Manaog Peñaredondo was caught buying drinking water after 6:00 p.m. allegedly violating the coronavirus curfew in General Trias in the province of Cavite Rappler, reports the province was under an “enhanced community quarantine status”

; that included a curfew from time to time. 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Peñaredondo’s partner Reichelyn Balce told Rappler that Peñaredondo and another man accused of violating Covid’s restrictions were “taken to Plaza Malabon in front of the municipal hall. They were then instructed to do 100 pumping exercises ”on Thursday last week.

Officials said the pair would be forced to repeat the exercise if they were not in sync, and eventually forced the pair to do the exercise – a pumping motion similar to squats – 300 times, Balce wrote in Poe. Facebook posts

Peñaredondo arrived home at 8am the next day and was barely able to move without assistance because he was so tired, Balce wrote. Peñaredondo told Balce he had fallen “multiple times” while doing the exercise.

“All day he tried to walk, he was just crawling,” she wrote. Later that day, he started having seizures and his heart stopped. He briefly revived, but died around 10 PM.

The city’s police chief, Lieutenant Colonel Marlonino Solero, told Rappler there was no punishment for people like this. Those violating Covid’s restrictions “We conduct a lecture instead,” he said.

Antonio Ferrer Mayor General Assault confirmed in a statement that Facebook was conducting an investigation.

“Brother, goodbye, we love you so much,” Balce wrote. “We will not tolerate justice not to your loss.”

The Philippine government extended the national blockade for another week on Monday after coronavirus infection began to flood hospitals in the capital and remote areas.

The Philippines reported more than 795,000 cases, with 13,425 deaths, the highest in Southeast Asia after Indonesia.

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