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Final Fantasy V and VI will disappear from Steam next month.

Airship in final fantasy vi with sunset in the background

Stare at this version of Final Fantasy VI before it flew out into the sunset
screenshot: Square Enix

Please note: next month final fantasy v and Final Fantasy VI No longer available through Steam, Square Enix will eventually replace those games with the recently announced “Pixel Remaster” version.

“This game will no longer be available for purchase after July 27, 2021,” reads a note in the current Steam description for both game. “Please buy the pixel remastered version instead … coming soon.”

This Pixel Remaster series was first released at Square Enix press conference E3 at the beginning of this month Basically six . First final fantasy The game will be re-released presented in the traditional 2D pixel art style. They will be available gradually through Steam and on mobile on an unspecified date. The details otherwise are not enough..

Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date or price for the “remasters.” It’s unclear whether the existing Steam owners of the final fantasy v and Final Fantasy VI Get a new, free or discounted copy. (When commented, a Square Enix representative didn’t immediately have any details.)

The Pixel Remaster series has ignited controversy. as detailed by Comparison of old and new sprites on RPG siteFrom the materials Square Enix showed at E3, it’s clear that all six Pixel Remaster games will feature another set of new sprites. But whether they improve or improve the original NES and SNES sprites is an open question.

Square Enix doesn’t always do justice . The PC version is nearing its doom. final fantasy v and Final Fantasy VI Widely looted as the humble port of the beloved game. The response was so bad that modders step in to extensively overhaul visuals and other aspects to bring them closer to the SNES standard, although these modded are not considered extremely good ports of the two classic JRPGs.

No one knows what the Pixel Remaster games will be like. To this day, we’ve only seen a short trailer. Who knows: maybe they will turn out to be honest modifications that capture the spirit of the original. Maybe they look and play like Chocobo shit, but to some players. The only possible outcome is that they will improve. although in a small sense

“What is in [Steam] It’s a broken version,” said one user. on twitter“So anything that replaces them is probably the worst grade side.”

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