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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be remastered for 4K Blu-ray this June.

Final Fantasy 7: Advent ChildrenWhich is a CG animation follow-up to the popular video game of 1997. Final fantasy 7It makes me feel nothing when I see it released in 2005.The sci-fi jargon of the movie is hard to keep up with, even if you’re familiar with the game. Though it’s a feast for the eyes that brings a bizarre beauty to the once-blocked characters of FF7Inspiring fans everywhere to say, “If only the game looked this good”

It’s 2021 now and there is (type) going on. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bring Advent Child̵

1; Leveled up to Cloud’s sad little face and now has new fans for the franchise who have never seen him look the other way. In the meantime, Advent Child Over the years it has been revamped on Blu-ray in 2017. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is complete. With additional content 26 minutes

Cover image for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children's 4K Blu-ray rererelease.

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This year, it will be relaunched on June 8th in a remastered 4K Blu-ray version with HDR10 color, expected Cloud’s hair, finally rendered with sharp enough to block Masamune’s gorgeous Sephiroth, who needs a buster sword when you have a powerful hair wax?

I hope I can easily recommend everything. FF7 Newcomers check out this delightful opaque film when it becomes available in such a high-quality format, but FF7 Remake Cut out parts of the original. FF7The story of and Remake There are also some modifications in the original that suggest that our hero’s path may differ from what they co-designated in 1997 at the same time. Advent Child Built on the surprising revelation in the original game. Even if it’s confusing But it still works under the premise that you know all of the 1997 games. sJute

That means this remaster is only for the veteran fans, or for the newcomers who aren’t interested in traveling to a possible future for FF7 Gang. Again, it will be available June 8th, and, like the 2009 Blu-ray version, the movie has “A director’s edit with 26 minutes of additional animation and over 1000 edited scenes,” according to Sony Pictures. 4K Blu-ray also features new Dolby Atmos audio in English and Japanese, along with 5.1. DTS-HD Master Audio in both languages Movie features like 1080p movies are included on standard Blu-ray discs.

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