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Final Score: Suns outlive Jazz in OT slugfest, 117-113.

What game

The sun is in it The jazz is in it, the CROWD is in it, the best I have felt with the game for a long time.

The second half was all dog fights. Big shot after big shot Offensive rebounds at key points for both teams Most fourth quarters are single-handed games.

Deandre Ayton was huge in the fourth quarter with a number of offensive rebounds to keep the Sun alive.

When Jae Crowder hit three to make the sun rise 100-96, Crowder and the crowd went crazy.

The Suns led the three points with under 30 seconds remaining, but either Devin Booker floated and Donovan Mitchell drained the third game with 1

0.4 seconds remaining.

Sunsball. 10.4 seconds left, the reservation misses the ringing OT coming in

Of course, in the start, OT Booker would make a short shot while Mitchell attempted to hit three points.The Suns continued to lead 3-6 points in the fourth quarter all down the wire again, leading 114-110 with 24.2 seconds left in. OT After Chris Paul missed the Jazz ball. Two quick points Booker missed the free throw and was 10.6 seconds remaining Jazz ball drop three balls.

115-112 Sun. Jazz ball. All three must be protected. The Suns stinked before the shoot made us two with Donovan Mitchell. Phew. Make it one of two weeks 115-113 to foul … Chris Paul.

Paul slashed one more time.

Fans cheer for ‘na na na na nam na na na na na hey hey hey bye’

Paul Slash the Second

Games. 117-113


The first game of The Suns brought up to 5,500 fans into the arena like the roar of a playoff. Big props for The Suns fans indoors, they show powerfully in this. You can hear the cheers of the cheers every time you play.

Big game:

  • Deandre Ayton 18 points, 12 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 steals and playing in the big four quarters.
  • Devin Booker 35 points 4 rebounds 3 assists
  • Chris Paul 29 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds

Massive game by the best players of the Suns.

How did it happen

Jazz scored the first goal of the game. But Suns responded with a 13-0 run, crowded with crowds, and the Utah Jazz coach was pretty hot.

Jazz coach Quins Snyder responded with a timeout that would bring a few members to jazz a message, starting with a five-man ban.Favorite replaces the non-existent Ruby Gobert and Joe Ingles in. Come for the inefficient Mike Conley Jr., those changes shattered the Suns’ spell, sparking a 6-0 jazz run where the Suns missed four easy jumper.

I love the confidence that Ayton plays in this game, he definitely has every play. When he checked out for a way to vent, he left 4/2/1 towards Gobert’s 2/0/0.

But then, Jazz’s second unit – fueled by Gobert and Conley’s return to Saric and Payne this time – confused the Suns, forcing the jumper to miss after the jumper. By the time the Jazz took the lead 21-20, the Suns hit a 38% drop on The Suns set, matching Chris Paul’s resting time. Devin Booker also had five turnovers in the first quarter, just like that. Single and missed 5 out of 6 matches, that’s not good.

The Suns woke up again in the second quarter, leading 36-29 in another superb Chris Paul stint. That guy knows how to play in the big game.

This time, the Sun continued to have momentum even after Paul took another break, going in 43-32 on Cam Payne three and Booker pulled up during the transition. Keep Utah at 3-21 thirds at least, we can say that they are all resisted by the protection of the sun, which must happen or Utah will blow you up.

The Suns, led by Devin Booker, are now up and coming. Halftime lead 51-40 Just play their games and win more than they lose, making their own luck.


  • The sun rises 51-40
  • Chris Paul 13/3, Devin Booker 16/1, Ayton 8/3 with 2 steals and blocks.
  • Booker and Paul have taken half of the Suns photos (21 of 42).
  • Both teams are bad on day three: Utah 3/22 Sun 3/12.
  • Suns usher in FTs: 10/12 vs. 3/5

Second half

Donovan Mitchell came out with a muff to start the second half. But Sans remained firm and pushed back nine points to finish Eyton.

In the next tenure, the Suns stopped Jazz twice, but failed to keep possession, and Mitchell eventually hit three.

The Suns and Jazz all traded their fists in the third quarter. It has physical Just as Dario said pregame this could be a bar fight, the Suns and Jazz were the top three in defense for a reason and they showed each other.

Utah eventually took the lead, though, made a few points and earned a stop on the other side. In the end, Jazz only poured 38 points in the third quarter after scoring just 40 in the first half.

The Suns took the lead back at the start of four 84-81 in the third Craig and Ayton slam.

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