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Find free food in your area with this new Google tool.

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Food insecurity has long been a problem for many Americans. Problems exacerbated by the pandemic This leaves almost a quarter of households struggling to meet this basic need. There are resources for those who need additional support. And now there’s Google Map to help people find it.

If you or someone you know needs help preparing a meal, you can use Google’s news. Find food support tools to find food banks, pantries, and school lunch programs in your neighborhood. All you have to do is enter your address and click. “Find Support” to indicate the location on the map. Tap the blue flag to retrieve information about food banks or school projects. including address, contact information, days and hours of operation

Please note that Google’s tools collect data from more than 90,000 programs using data provided by Foodfinder, No Kid Hungry, and USDA. This means that some information on the map may be incomplete or out of date. even if the business hours are specified You should call ahead of time to confirm.

In addition to maps, Find Food Support also links to other resources. This includes hotlines and welfare programs for older Americans, their families, military members, and others affected by food insecurity.

Another type of local food source is community refrigerators, or “fridges.” These are nearby communal refrigerators maintained by volunteer organizers. Unlike food banks and pantries, which tend to store large quantities of non-perishable goods, The Fridge area is filled with donations and perishable items (such as produce) that would otherwise be wasted.

People experiencing food insecurity have free access to these community refrigerators. A number of maps and resources that tracks the location of the community refrigerator And if you have a way to donate or open a refrigerator We have guidelines for doing so..

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