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Fire at London train station closes roads, evacuation notices

LONDON — A massive fire broke out near London’s main train station on Monday. This sent fireballs into the streets and huge clouds of smoke spread across parts of the city. About 100 firefighters fought for two hours to contain the fire.

police said The explosion had nothing to do with terrorism. The nerves were calmed after the audience posted a stunning photo of flames firing out of a garage set in an arch under the Elephant Station and Castle.

London Fire Commissioner James Ryan said five people were in the garage where the auto repair shop was located. The fire broke out before 2 p.m. Shortly before 2 p.m., people were treated at the scene due to smoke inhalation. The other four had already left when the firefighters arrived. he added

Ambulance service in London said six people were injured at the scene and one was taken to hospital.

Firefighters and police were evacuated from Chang Station and the castle. which is an important transport hub in south London as well as nearby residential buildings. which sends people along the adjacent street The fire department also warned nearby residents to close doors and windows during the incident.

“There are a lot of road closures. and advise people to avoid the area,” Southwark Police posted on Twitter, adding, “This incident is not believed to be terrorist related.”

The fire department said three commercial units under the arch supporting the station were set on fire. As well as four cars and a telephone booth, shortly before 4pm London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the fire, which he described as “extremely serious”, had been contained.

Railway officials said the train was not running through the station and warned that service could be affected Tuesday as there was evidence the fire damaged transmission equipment.

The Sun newspaper which is a British tabloid It posted a photo of what it said was a police officer carrying two children safely down the stairs.

A theater in nearby Southwark Playhouse opened its doors and posted, “If you have been evacuated and need somewhere to go. Our doors are open for you to charge your phone, drink water or sit in our bar.”

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