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Fire, Explosion seen in Eagleville, Montgomery County – NBC10 Philadelphia

Several homes in Montgomery County burst into flames Thursday afternoon in a fire that broke out after police responded to a homeowner who threatened a code enforcement officer with a gun.

Lower Providence Police Chief Mike Jackson said just before 1 p.m., lower Providence law enforcement officers had arrived at the home of Cardin Place in Eagleville for an inspection. follow up The homeowner took out a gun. But officers were able to escape and call the police, Jackson said.

The police responded to the house and engaged the man in front of the house. But he went back inside and shortly thereafter “several loud explosions”

; followed by fire, Jackson said.

Police evacuated surrounding residents as the flames spread to two other properties. Emitting smoke visible from miles away.

Jackson said at least one person suffered minor injuries.

A fire broke out at a home in Eagleville, Montgomery County, and spread to surrounding homes on Thursday afternoon.

Police officers, including SWAT teams and firefighters, can be seen responding to the incident. Firefighters pouring water on the flames. causing thick white smoke

The Methcton School District is designated Eagleville Elementary School and its campus. Skyview/Arcola was locked “due to police and emergency personnel”, the district said on its website.

Shortly after 3 p.m., Jackson said firefighters were still trying to put out the fire.

He added that police were still trying to locate the man with a gun. And he may or may not be in the house. Jackson said that because it was still the scene of the fire, Officers did not know if he was inside or not.

However, he said community members were able to return home safely.

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