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Fire in Jackson Heights: 21 people injured in fire, 8 alarms at an apartment building in

A total of 21 people were injured in the fire, according to Deputy Fire Chief Assistant Michael Gala. The injured included 16 firefighters, two injured in the fire and five civilians, according to the Gala. Nobody has to face life-threatening injuries.

The building has about 150 apartments, according to the Gala. About 240 people or 90 families have been displaced. The Red Cross was at the scene and helped those families.

A fire was found in an apartment on the sixth floor of the building and spread rapidly to the space between the apartment’s ceiling and the roof, known as the attic, according to FDNY.

Apartment occupants escaped the fire and left the door open, according to FDNY.As the door was left open, the fire spreads into the hallway and spread more rapidly, according to FDNY.The fire had already burned down one side of the building, Gala said.

Video from the scene showed thick smoke rising from the rooftops of a red building in Jackson Heights.

“Everyone’s panicking, all you see is smoke,” resident Edwin Martinez told CNN-affiliated WABC. “When you come out of the building, you can’t see anything. It’s all gray.”

Another resident, Kimberly Singhi, said she “Scared because everything turned black”

“I caught my mom, I caught my dog ​​and the pet we had, and we ran off,” Singhi told WABC.

FDNY continues to fight external fires. The cause and origin of the blaze will be determined by fire fighters when they can enter the building, firefighters said.

The first responders could have been on the scene at least all night, the Gala said in a post on the FDNY’s Instagram page, the Gala described this as “A very complicated and long operation”

While providing crime scene updates, firefighters have stressed the importance of shutting the doors if a fire occurs in your home. This helps prevent the fire from spreading.

“We’ve highlighted over the years the seriousness of this issue, if you are unlucky a fire in your home or apartment, how important is it to close the door,” said Daniel Negro, FDNY commander. Talk to CNN’s WABC

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