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First 100 days: The media poured in over Vice President Kamala Harris, largely ignoring the borderline.

It appears to have headlined during the first 100 days of Vice President Kamala Harris’ coverage. The reports are light on policy matters. But the emphasis is on fashion, shoes … and knitting.

Last month, Washington Post’s Jura Koncius followed Harris to a crochet shop in Alexandria, VA, and came to the conclusion that VP is cooling crochet again. Crocheting can add The “interesting factor” of the hobby, she wrote, now that the Crochet Hook feels as if Harris gave “a lot of love”. They grew “credibility on the road” to them, and the fiber arts community. “Quite giddy” about it.

Then Wednesday, the day President Biden made his first address at a joint session of the New York Times Congress, posted a report entitled “1

00 Days of the Vice-President’s Form” with the caption: “Kamala Harris didn’t want it.” Speaking of clothes, Jill Biden doesn’t understand why. But many people still want to know what they are wearing. “

The editor analyzed Harris’s costume retrospectively, interpreting that her fashion choices were “A new dawn for the American fashion industry”

“Mrs Harris is dressed by three different black freelance designers, including a purple dress and coat that blends blue and red,” The Times wrote. The new, conscious and new dawn of the American fashion industry, after four years of administration that trodden all political norms, including the tradition of using clothing to express patriotic duties. Not to mention the impact of the coronavirus outbreak with its closure and bankruptcy. ”

WAPO is teased for its captivating feature in KAMALA HARRIS ‘CROCHETING:’ How will the borders go? ‘

The Los Angeles Times was teased after announcing in January that it would launch “Covering Kamala Harris” as “a rhythm dedicated to her historic White House.” It’s like a “public relations firm” for the Biden administration.

Harris has featured on the cover of several magazines, for example, Vogue featured her on the cover of the February 2021 issue.

“We have gone from stealth as it is inevitable with Melania Trump with Kamala Harris,” Fox News and The Hill’s contributor Joe Concha told Fox News. Per Nikki Haleys and Kayleigh McEnanys are now First Lady friendly. ”

Last week, some media also referred to Harris as “normal” for two women to sit behind the president at his congressional address. CNN took the opportunity to write the path to Harris’ vice president. Fervently and suggested that she was in front of the curve to see the president’s agenda.

Harris, who sat in the room last year as a California senator, has built his path to one of the president’s most important advisers, telling CNN’s Danaabash in an exclusive interview last week. That she was the last person in the room when Biden was making a big decision, including the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan, ”CNN wrote.

NBC’s “TODAY” selects a picture of Harris knocking out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a joint meeting as “” the name of Harris “. “Photo of the week”

But when it comes to borderline, critics have noted that her silence about the crisis has spoken a lot.Concha and others suspect that all of the negative media coverage is related to VP’s lack of transparency after refusing to hold a press conference. Since Biden’s appointment as the border goddess of President Biden.

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“Considering the crisis that has now become a catastrophe at the border, one would think that the vice president’s coverage, who had been responsible and frantically failed until now, bypassing the most fundamental steps without being seen. Is it direct or talk For officials on the ground – it wouldn’t be this cool, ”Concha said,“ but it’s not surprising how much of a role our media has in public relations and activists in broad daylight. ”

Based on Concha’s same observation, a Washington Post critic of Harris’s glowing feature on Harris’ knitting hobby asked the editor: “How are the borders?”

The media seems to be the same as President Biden for the first 100 days.

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