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Fitbit Devices May Soon Track Your Snoring

Fitbit has been offering sleep tracking on its devices since 2017, since its inception. The function is mainly focused on measuring your heart rate and movement. To get a detailed breakdown of your sleep cycle, however, Fitbit can measure how well you sleep from another angle, ripping the APK of the company’s latest Android app. 9to5Google Nearly complete snoring evidence and sound detection features were found.

The tool, as the name suggests, lets you use the microphone on your tracker or smartwatch to gauge how much you snore at night. It converts all durations to percentages. and further group them into one of three categories. For example, if you snore at night, 10 to 40 percent would be classified as moderate. Fitbit admits that this feature can̵

7;t differentiate between people. So if your partner snores as well It will include their participation in the detection of mixtures.

Fitbit snore and noise detector


You can also use this tool to measure ambient noise in your bedroom. Fitbit tells you how loud it is in your sleep environment, on a level between “very quiet”, which the company categorizes as 30 dBA, or Less and “Very Loud”, which is 90 dBA and above.

as you might imagine Leaving Fitbit’s microphone on all night is one way to quickly drain the battery. The company recommends charging the device at least 40 percent before going to bed. It also warns that you will need to plug in the power outlet more often. If you decide to use this feature regularly

judge by facts 9to5 Can pull up a screenshot that Fitbit details how the feature works. Sleep and noise detector It looks like it’s almost ready for launch. Like most of Fitbit’s tracking features, data continues if you don’t do anything about it. For example, losing weight can help keep snoring consistent. But that’s a lifestyle change that you have to make yourself.

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