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Fitbit may soon add snoring detection to its devices.

Fitbit may soon add snoring and noise detection to its devices. This is a move that is likely to please the spouses and partners of the snoring population and is of interest to those who snoring is a sign of a possible health condition.

as reported in 9to5 GoogleIt decodes the latest version of the Fitbit app on Google’s Play Store. This feature allows Fitbit’s microphone (on available devices) to listen for “ambient sounds, including potential snoring” after you’ve fallen asleep. This feature will not only drain your device’s battery. But the concept of a sleep tracker that monitors noise “All night,” as the note notes, was pretty creepy.

9to5 Google Reports say the feature is called Snore & Noise Detect, and it monitors “noise including snoring from you or someone next to you”

;, analyzing the sound level and trying to find out what sounds are causing you. “Only snoring” when Fitbit detects a noise event that is louder than the base noise level. The system will try to determine if there is snoring or something else.

See an example of what Fitbit’s snore detection will look like.
9to5 Google/Fitbit

The snore tracker can’t tell exactly who snores, the Fitbit wearer or anyone else in the bedroom. Release notes suggest that users do not play white noise or ambient noise in the bedroom, which can interfere with snoring detection. and recommend that users charge their Fitbit at least 40 percent before going to bed because “This feature requires more frequent charging.”

The note does not specify what users should do with information about snoring. But due to snoring and conditions that can lead to snoring. It might be a useful metric to know.

Fitbit will launch “sleeping animals” as part of a separate upcoming feature. 9to5 GoogleAlthough it appears to be in a faster development stage than the snore monitor. Each type of sleep seems to be related to an animal—and again. It’s not clear what users do with the data. Or how to show animals in the app, but according to reports, restless people will be bears. The short sleeper is a hummingbird. A person who sleeps still is a turtle, etc.

I’m more of a bear than when I first woke up tbh.
9to5 Google/Fitbit

Snore & Noise Detect is not yet available to all users and while 9to5 Google Enable this feature long enough to set. Fitbit did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

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