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Five colleges in the US require students to be vaccinated before they return in the fall.

At least five US colleges and universities have announced plans to require students to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus in the fall.

Students attending Cornell University, Rutgers University, Fort Lewis College, Nova Southeastern University and St. Edward’s University must be fully vaccinated before returning to university in the fall with a limited exemption. For medical conditions and religious beliefs

“Broadly immunized students provide us with our best hope in returning to the hands-on, experiential and personal learning environment that we all enjoy,”

; said Tom Stritikus, president of Fort Lewis College. Send a letter to the college community

“For this reason, all students enrolled at the FLC in the fall 2021 semester will be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” added Stritikus.

In a letter to the Cornell community, President Martha E. Pollack wrote that the university “intends to schedule vaccinations for students returning to the Ithaca, Geneva and Cornell Tech campuses for the fall semester.”

Pollack wrote that the decision was made in the wake of “recent announcements about expanding immunization eligibility in New York and other states and increasing vaccine production” made it “likely” that community members will be able to receive the vaccine. It can be in spring or summer.

Pollack added that individuals who were unable to get vaccinated prior to their arrival in the fall semester or who were not certified in New York State “expect to be vaccinated as soon as possible. After arriving and Cornell was investigating. How to facilitate this process “

Leaders from Rutgers University wrote to their community last month, writing: “The anticipated availability of the COVID-19 vaccine allows Rutgers to take action to protect the health of our academic community and move towards recovery. To the original condition completely The outbreak was common as a living institution in the fall of 2021. “

Nova Southeastern University released a statement Friday announcing its intention to resume operations. In the fall semester and requirements for students, faculty, and staff returning to campus for their full vaccination, the “face-to-face classroom learning for ground courses” requirements are as follows.

On March 29, the COVID-19 driving team at St Edward’s University announced that the university will be required to vaccinate COVID-19 for all employees and college students aged 16 and over, effective Sept. 1.

Several university announcements are indicative that students are significantly spreading the virus, according to The New York Times.More than 120,000 cases of coronavirus have been linked to American colleges and universities since the day. January 1, and more than 530,000 cases since the outbreak began.

However, some universities do not enforce vaccine requirements. Instead, try to encourage students to get vaccinated. For example, Dickinson State University said that students who provide evidence of complete vaccination can be exempt from the current university-wide mask mandate.

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