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Florida boy, 14, charged as an adult After the cheerleader stabs 114 times

Creepy new details have emerged about the fatal stabbing of a 13-year-old cheerleader who was found dead in a wooded area in northeast Florida on Mother’s Day.

on thursday State Attorney for Round 7 RJ Larizza announced during a news conference that Tristyn Bailey was stabbed 114 times while fighting her killer. He said at least 49 stab wounds were to her hands, arms and head and were “natural defenses”, according to local media reports.

“We cannot say what happened at this pond. But we know there are problems,” Larissa said at a news conference. “To say it was scary would be an understatement.”

Indicted in the case is Aiden Fuchy, 1

4, a schoolmate in St. John’s County. He has been in custody in a juvenile facility since May 10 where he was arrested for second-degree murder. Larissa announced Thursday that his charges would be elevated to first-degree murder. and he will be charged as an adult. He faces a life sentence if convicted. related news agencies.

“The most important thing is that advance meditation can be deduced. from a stab wound to Tristine. Bailey suffered,” Larissa said, “every time that arm fell. That was premeditated.”

He said a hunting knife was found in a pond not far from Bailey’s body. He also said investigators knew Fucci had told several he was going to kill someone by taking them to the woods and stabbing them.

Blood-stained clothes were also found in Fucci’s house. Less than half a mile from the scene, Jacksonville-based television station WJXT, a GoFundMe page set up shortly after Bailey’s death, raised nearly $60,000 as of Friday afternoon.

Fucci first appeared in court Friday morning on first-degree murder charges and will be held without bond, according to WKMG. He will be moved to an adult facility in Jacksonville. but are kept separate from adult inmates.

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