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Florida Mayhem cuts ties with ally Samito streamer over in-stream rant.

This article contains content that may induce suicide and self-harm.

Overwatch Streamer Sam “Samito” Dawahare will no longer be affiliated with Florida Mayhem, the team announced today. After an outcry in support of self-harm in recent days,

During a stream on May 26, a visibly angry Samito responded to the viewers in his chat by telling them “Go die somewhere else.” Then he started shouting in full words. Repeatedly insult the viewer and tell them they are not important and leave his stream.

at the end of the monologue He told the audience that “No one loves you. Go kill yourself.”

; This clip can be found on YouTube, but contains graphic verbal content.

Samito apologized to the audience, but the mayhem proceeded quickly. “Samito’s comments regarding his latest stream are unacceptable. And it does not represent the value of Florida Mayhem,” the team wrote in a statement posted on social media.

Samito has been a content creator who has been partnering with Florida Mayhem for over a year. by producing videos with the team and providing services Overwatch content. He was previously a flexible DPS player in Overwatch competition scene Play for teams like Triumph and Phase 2.

In the apology video, Samito said he “made a mistake” and did not blame Florida Mayhem for his actions. “I am responsible for one hundred of my actions,” he said, but also said he was recycling the insults used by someone in the Call of Duty game last night

Samito threatened legal action against the original poster of the rant clip for “Crop proof” and does not include the original apology.

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