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Flu patients are virtually non-existent due to COVID-19 measures.

Thanks to social aloofness and wearing masks – as well as higher vaccination for the flu, deaths from flu this season are virtually nonexistent.

Why is it important: A sharp drop in infection with influenza and other respiratory viruses has provided relief to the US healthcare system during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By the numbers: According to the CDC, the United States had only five influenza deaths in the 52nd week of 2020, a time when it often marked the height of flu season.

  • That is, 40 times fewer deaths than in the same week of 2019 and 130 times fewer deaths compared to the 2017 flu season.
  • According to BioFire Diagnostics, the levels of almost all respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses are currently available. But cannot be detected

How it works: It turns out that if you cut down on travel around the world drastically, shut down public workplaces and schools, and promote wearing masks and washing your hands, you cut the chances of common germs spreading.

  • It also helped record shipments of the flu vaccine this season, and an estimated 53–54% of American adults received a shot by the end of December, significantly higher than the same period last year.

Large Image: In the past, low levels of influenza and other common viruses were emerging at the same time, the COVID-1

9 pandemic in the United States was the worst.

  • This is not surprising: although the common virus has been spread for years and has some basic resistance levels in the population. But no one had ever encountered SARS-CoV-2 before it was born in China last year, and the virus continues to spread rapidly through At-risk population.

Things to see: With each passing week, with abnormally low levels of the flu, the susceptibility to the virus increases and it could make the United States a severe recovery in the future.

  • That might be what is happening in Australia, where people with the flu during the winter are hardly a mere existence. But it will go back to December when influenza is usually out of the southern hemisphere.

Bottom line: While it’s fine to have fewer flu deaths, SARS-CoV-2 is devastating the United States on a completely different scale, with more Americans dying of COVID-19 in the last week. Total flu deaths in the last season

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