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Foldable and foldable phones give us something to look forward to in technology.


Rollables represent the next evolution of smartphones.

Screenshot by Sarah Tew / CNET

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Might be just a glimpse from LG that it CES 2021 The press conference, however, is a tease of smartphones with screens hinting at the return of the portable devices that want to rock the traditional metal and glass slate. Despite the launch of new foldable phones in 2020, especially the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2, as well as the wide-launched Motorola Razr. But few would like to spend as much as $ 2,000 in between. A large pandemic around the world.

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At CES, the phone’s screen will expand to square sizes.


It’s 2021 and little has changed. The hope, however, is the rapid release of the COVID-19 vaccine, which is still a big deal if at this point it could normalize our lives as well as our appetite and appreciation for more creative and energetic phones.

Because let’s face it, we can all use something to motivate us one more time.

LG did best with a tease on the first day of CES as a second short look, this time offering the name of the LG Rollable device on its nose.Curiously, LG executives didn’t mention it during the press conference – A glimpse of the phone appears in the promotion wheel that begins and ends – but It’s true and coming this year..

TCL, which showed several foldable prototypes over the past two years and which has more foldable concepts on Monday, will finally introduce foldable phones to consumers this year, according to TCL. Stefan Strait, general manager of the company’s marketing, most notably his target at the $ 1,000 price tag, in line with the explanation from Samsung last month about the affordable foldable.

These foldable and foldable phones are not the only hilarity gimmicks. These new experimental designs are helping the industry go one step ahead when it comes to the look and function of mobile devices in the years to come, just as the iPhone has made mobile phones evolve from clamshell and candy bar designs to. Up to the sleek metal and glass bars, foldable folds could spark change in how we interact with our phones. Its lower price means more people have access to these phones.

“Form factor innovation is a certainty,” said Ronan Dunne, CEO of Verizon’s consumer business, in an interview on Tuesday. He did not comment on the LG Rollable, but noted that he “Very impressed” by some of the innovations that happened.

But can that excitement be matched with the energy that first exploded? Turn the watch back two years to 2019, and the foldable ad is at a feverish level.Samsung kicked things off with a look at the previous Galaxy Fold, followed days later, with Huawei Motorola’s Mate X capped. With the Razr, things should increase in 2020 with more folds.

We all know what happened next.

But early CES activities suggest that we may be ready for further progress this year.

Evolution from foldable

The display of the LG Rollable phone goes back to Signature LG OLED RThe rollable TV, which has been a highlight of the few CES LG conferences. The flexible use of the display on a large 65 ” TV is impressive. But squeezing such technology into mobile phones is another challenge.

“I can’t help but be amazed at the technological innovations that come into it,” said IDC analyst Ramon Llamas. “It tells a lot about the display technology and the resolution that can be hidden in form factors. Flexible router “

While LG provided little information about the phone, the device’s revelation showing that it was ready to move forward with Rollable products would represent another drastic change in design, even foldable phones, and show them. Seeing that the industry still has new tricks in its coat of arms.

LG wasn’t the only one thinking about rollables.TCL’s display business also showed off two foldable concepts, one being a smaller phone with a screen that expands up to 6.7 inches while in portrait mode. Set and another 17-inch display extending from both ends like a treasure map.

ces21-tcl-reveal -rollable-phone-and-tablet.png

This distant concept tablet looks like a treasure map that you unfold from both sides.

Screenshot by Sarah Tew / CNET

TCL is not even close to launching a foldable phone, Strait said in a pre-show interview that the company is still working on improving the prototype’s mechanism.

Samsung reportedly has its own foldable prototype as well, according to ET News (via Tom’s Guide), and Oppo has shown a foldable concept called the Oppo X 2021.

Despite the outbreak, LG didn’t stop trials in the last year when it launched in the fall. Wing LgA weird phone with one screen stacked on top of the other can be rotated to a horizontal position, essentially creating a T-shaped screen, says CNET editor Lynn La, it helps in multitasking. Simultaneously and video recording

Although not very popular But it is pushing the industry in a different direction.

Makes it can be folded for more storage.

After years of parodying the wild prototypes, TCL is finally ready to enter foldable games, while the company is parenting about the folds.During a CES presentation, Strait said it plans to release this year for $. 1,000

“We are 100% convinced that this gives us a lot of annoyance,” Strait said in an interview ahead of CES.

As a result, Strait says the first foldable uses a more conventional design than the Wilder-like concept we’ve seen before. That shows the design of the clamshell phone we’ve seen from Samsung and Motorola, which costs less than larger phones with foldable screens like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the Huawei Mate X.

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TCL showcases a foldable phone and a sliding display …

2:30 p.m.

Likewise, Samsung is hint at even more foldable capabilities in 2021.

“The Z Fold2 is hailed as a smartphone that delivers what’s possible with mobile technology, and I’m excited to say it’s just a hint of what to expect as we explore, develop and develop. Continue to expand this category-changing area, ”said TM Roh, Samsung’s president of mobile communications in a blog post.

That’s in line with ET News reports that Samsung has four foldable models this year, including two Flip and Fold models.

The breadth of the upcoming foldable phone suggests that this is not just a showpiece or a toy for one percent of people, and that we may all be able to feel where the phone is headed elsewhere. In the next few years

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