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For $ 3,500, is this 1999 Porsche Boxster the hottest deal?

Good price or no diceIs this used car good? You decide!

They say there are no cheap Porsche cars to date. Good price or no dice The Boxster is … a cheap Porsche. Does the low price make it easy to be onramp? Own a Porsche? O!r is it A stone road to future expenses?

The path that follows yesterday 1979 Ford F-250 It is definitely interesting. On the one hand, there are a lot of opinions praising both the era when the truck was hailed and the specs and overall condition of the big longbeds. Ask price of $ 14,500, which is 56 percent. No dice losses incurred in the short term. The comparisons, praise, and passing can be inconsistent. But hopefully that cool truck will still find new owners.

Talking about new owners Many of you probably know. I I just bought an older Porsche Boxster and is in the process of detailing. Happiness and travails Of ownership to share with you all

My experience may have put one or more of you in a “Porsche Jump” and choose a sensibly wrench-capable sports car from the German automaker. If you are a bent person, it might be like this. Porsche Boxster 1999 It’s a good starting point. It certainly seems to be the cheapest.

The ad for black on this Savanna Beige is subtle, although it provides outstanding information. The pictures tell a story as well. Here’s everything the seller says in the car’s description:

175K miles.

Open the hood.

In good shape

Excellent work and drive

Looks okay.

Custom exhaust

The worktop is manually operated without electricity.

Cheap prices for fast selling.

Clean name in hand

OK, first of all, we found the car on 175,000 miles of road.That’s a fine road for the 986, and it might make you wonder about the condition of the suspension consumables and the like. Maybe it will alleviate some of those worries. But the seller noted that the car “really ran and drove” not only good, but “really great”.

The seller, on the other hand, used the aesthetics of the car, saying that the appearance of the car was fine. That picture turned out to be good, especially when we got inside. On the outside there are some noticeable blemishes. This includes paint chips and some dents, as well as without both the input grille and the front indicator lights.

The car has 996 headlights that come with a finer colored turn signal lens, some people like it. The bonnet wears a Porsche badge instead. Boxster The Twists factory script appears to be in good shape. But there is no mention of how much lifetime the tires are left.

The top of the convertible top looks intact, despite the cloudy rear window. All of this is too common in these cars. Less common is the failure of the electric top mechanism, which is a good thing as it is an expensive repair. That failed in this car and had to use a male (or female) muscle to put the top up or down.

Lowering the top reveals an interior that saw better days. The seat cushions were broken and showed broken on both sides. In-place foam padding and pocket changing gaps in other compartments, the rest of the interior looks dirty and needs a deep clean. But at least it looks intact. The rubber rim seems to hold its own.

Other things to note here are what are described as “Custom exhaust” and the seller’s claims about cars with six speed gears. We couldn’t see anything from that exhaust except two exits under the rear license plate. But hopefully the refinements will retain all of the catalysts.S. For six speeds: UNo gear to change from Boxster later S The only way to have a lot of backlash is if you count down.

A quick VIN check shows this Boxster isn’t an S and has a 201-horsepower 2.5-liter pancake under a manual roof. For those of you who have your jeans on the embarrassing IMS bearing problem, you can relax. The failure rate of 2.5 is about 1 percent, and if this car’s engine explodes, it will have to do a long time before it hits 175,000 miles.

The car’s name is clean and we actually saw it in one of the images in the ad. That’s a good thing, from the other pictures, we can see that the registration is due in December and the car is still wearing the 2020 tag.That could indicate an old snapshot, or it could be that the seller didn’t want it. To bring a new sold vehicle For whatever reason, there must be a year 2021. Tag and – if you live in California, where this car is – smog test to get it.

This car will cost US $ 3,500 before all the registrations, and that makes it the cheapest about running and driving. (Really great, remember) Does a domestic Porsche Boxster seem like a deal?

What do you think is what to wear But it doesn’t seem like a boxster that’s worth dropping that much? Or is it too cheap considering how much more to spend?

You decide!

Sacramento, California CraigslistOr go Here If the ad disappears

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