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For the first time, the COVID-19 vaccination is administered across the United States, close to 1 million doses per day.

Backward attempts to Inoculate the United States population Finally, resistance to COVID-19 is on the rise, raising hopes that more Americans will soon be able to get vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday reported more than 951,000 doses of the vaccine to people across the country, the fastest daily vaccination since its release last month, and a significant increase from The previous day when the dose was less than 340,000 times

First time COVID-19 The vaccine, which is made by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech, began shipping in the United States on Dec. 1


U.S. releases secondary COVID vaccine volumes


On Tuesday, the central government. Give the state a green light To vaccinate everyone over the age of 65, a move aimed at increasing the number of Americans who can seek protection from the coronavirus. The US previously said the state should reserve quantities for health care workers and nursing home residents. The government also said it would release any vaccine that was available for sale.

The strategy shift follows growing concerns that the government’s vaccination efforts are a key component of the Trump administration. Initiative Operation Warp SpeedNot living up to the name Several states have recently opened a number of vaccination sites and are starting to differ from federal plans. As a result, New York City officials on Friday said they would begin vaccination to more than 75 teachers and residents early this week.

The move to early vaccination also comes as COVID-19 patients and deaths continue to increase. On Tuesday, more than 235,000 people were infected with the novel coronavirus in the United States and 4,470 deaths from the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Trump administration shifts vaccine strategy


“I was amazed that it was evident that planning, developing and mass production of vaccines was faster than the development and implementation of the plan to launch,” said Andrew Read, professor of biology and entomology at Penn State University.

Despite recent vaccination But more than two-thirds of the volumes sent to the state are not maintained. On Tuesday, nearly 30 million doses of the drug were delivered to all 50 states, including U.S. territories, according to the CDC, only 10.3 million, or about 30%, went into people’s arms.

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