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For the second consecutive night west of Louisville, Kroger closes early. | News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – On the second consecutive night, Louisville West will close early.

Kroger, near the intersection of South 26th Street and West Broadway, closes at 7pm Saturday “to give our attendees the correct time to close and exit the car park before the LMPD barrier is placed on the track. According to the statement from the grocery chain.

It was the second night in a row that the shop closed early.

On Friday night, stores closed and the parking lot obstructed. It is also possible to see a concrete wall blocking the entrance to the nearby Dino̵

7;s Food Mart.

The Louisville Metro Police Department said in a statement on Friday evening that it had placed a barrier in the parking lot to “Ensuring the safety of people and businesses in the area,” according to Alicia Smiley, a spokesman for the police department. Smiley added that a barrier was placed. “For traffic control purposes only” and will “not deter pedestrians in the area”.

When asked for clarification on what prompted the parking lot to be closed and blocked, Smiley said that the 26-28 and Broadway roads “had been greatly affected” over the years. Derby weekend

“Sometimes it prevents employees from leaving jobs, so businesses close soon. This year, some local businesses are resuming,” she said. “Traffic problems also make it extremely difficult to deal with emergencies. Contribute to a delicate balancing act to keep our communities safe so that all our citizens and visitors have the opportunity to participate in the Derby. “

Smiley said the LMPD will be in the area. “For the safety of pedestrians and motorists”

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