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Former armed soldier raids animal shelter to get cat back: report

Not exactly a horrible crime.

The former Australian soldier wearing full tactical gear is accused of raiding into an animal shelter with an assault rifle and bundle up workers in a failed auction to get his kitty back, according to reports Wednesday.

Tony Wittmann, 44, was accused of extreme madness when a worker at Lost Dogs’ Home in Melbourne told him he had to wait a day to get a pet.He was accused of threatening the 23-year-old with a gun. In the parking lot of a location according to ABC Australia.

“Do as I say and listen to me, I won’t shoot you,” he told her the court heard this week, “Don’t try anything or I’ll shoot you.”


Wittmann led workers into the building with a firearm that looked like “what the SWAT in the movie would use,” the unidentified worker at the shop.

He was accused of ordering the frightened girl to take him to the cat, then urged her to kneel and tie in a zipper.

“The accused said ‘I will close this door. If I see you, I will shoot you, ” Senior Detective Jo MacDonald said in the Melbourne Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

“This time he tried to get the cat back, where he could only live without spending 10 hours.”

But Wittmann, who served in the Australian Army before he was discharged for failing to provide effective service, was eventually left empty-handed.

He was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and armed robbery and denied bail.

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