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Former Houston Methodist nurse protests The cause of employment for the COVID-19 vaccine

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A nurse among 153 workers at Houston Methodist Hospital has resigned or was fired after refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Protest against the hospital on Saturday morning.

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Former employees and supporters showed up outside the hospital in Texas Medical Center.

“It shows that most people want to be free. Because the decision to get vaccinated is freedom,” Trump spokesman Carmen Maria Montiel said.

A nurse holds a sign claiming that the hospital is infringing on her rights.

Initially, 178 employees were suspended for two weeks after failing to implement the vaccine schedule. They then sued the Methodist over the mandate. But the judge threw the case, calling it absurd.

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“Originally, I just wanted full FDA approval, I needed more research,” said Jennifer Bridges, a former Houston Methodist nurse. All my feelings have changed. I have personally witnessed horrible adverse reactions with hundreds of people.”

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9 vaccine?

Keri, a registered nurse who joined the protest said this was not the first time she was fired for not being vaccinated.

She said that many years ago She refused to vaccinate the flu when hospitals order a vaccine

“I was younger. At 20, I was thinking about the future, having children, and I started reading that they were not researching fertility. And I started to worry,” she said.

Keri said she was fired from two positions as a registered nurse.

“With this situation I have no career choice. Because of the compulsory vaccine that could affect my fertility,” she said.

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