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Former Netflix CTO convicted of accepting bribes.

Back in 2014, Netflix sued former CTO Michael Kail, accusing him of taking bribes before he left the company to eventually join Yahoo. (In 2016, Yahoo merged with AOL to form Oath, Engadget’s parent company. Before being bought by Verizon), he was eventually indicted for a $ 690,000 refund from a tech company with a Netflix contract, a project the company said was disclosed based on an email audit on the account. His work

The trial was delayed due to the COVID epidemic, but on Friday a jury ruled Kail 28 of the 29 counts he faced in an order reached. BloombergA lawyer for Kail declared his innocence, accusing Netflix of using its influence as a powerful company to drive the lawsuit and said the decision would be appealed. During the trial Law360 His defense reportedly claimed the deal was a Netflix “no rule”

; culture and said they were right.

According to FBI Special Agent on Charge Craig D. Fair Kail, “creates a pay-to-play environment in which he steals the opportunity to work with industry pioneers from faithful and hardworking Silicon Valley companies” in a statement from the lawsuit. The lawsuit has deducted from companies to consulting firm Kail and what they paid by Netflix.It said he received more than $ 500,000 and stock options from companies.

Netflix did not comment publicly on the results, but in 2014 said several sellers involved received more than $ 4 million, with Kail receiving 12 to 15 percent commission from at least two companies, Netflix and Kail settled the case. In 2015, he is still released from a pending bond and could face up to twenty years in prison, including fines. Regardless of what happened during the trial or the appeal process between this and the latest $ 690 million Ponzi scheme, Netflix is ​​compiling its own true crime documentary content.

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