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Former NFL Player Drops Cold Water on Hype for Patriots’ Mac Jones

The Patriots received a lot of praise for McJones’ first-round pick, possibly New England’s future defender.

However, Dominique Foxworth believes we should adjust our expectations when it comes to Alabama products.

Foxworth is clearly concerned about how Jones will translate to NFL levels, especially when it has the same average supporting cast as the folks at Foxboro.The former NFL quarterback also thinks the pre-draft chatter might fool us. Let’s believe the landing patriot Jones is a better option than he really is.

“He’s going to play with a better defense with a worse weapon. Like a handful of players who can say that, but he can, ”Foxworth said Monday on ESPN.“ So many questions. ”Just as every receiver he has will be worse than all the receivers he has at the moment. Where he was in college So I̵

7;m not ready to anoint him as Second Coming Tom Brady. We have no reason to believe Bill Belichick is great to see defenders like Tom Brady at the end of the draft, and then they have Jimmy Garoppolo, who doesn’t seem as strong, but okay, but. Bad, he had a lot of stoppages when he was healthy, we had Matt Cassell, one year he went bad elsewhere, we had Ryan Mallett, who was really bad and we had a lot of other draft options that looked like Bill Belichick. Will miss

“So I think there were some psychic rewards they got because anyway, 49 players convinced us that Mack Jones was the top three, now we’re like, ‘Oh, they have three defenders. First at 15 ‘No, when this draft season started, a lot of people teased Mac Jones to go to 15-year-old New England or even slide into a later draft. So I’m not ready to suggest that Mac Jones is a man, especially since Tua (Tagovailoa) – the defender we all agree to be more capable than Mac Jones – comes out of the Alabama system, which has a hip injury. Yes! But have yet to prove themselves outstanding in the league. “

We may have to wait a little while to see if Jones is actually a talented NFL starter caller. Shortly after the Patriots drafted a 2020 Heisman Trophy finalist, Belichick made it clear that Cam Newton was still sitting on the New England defender’s depth rating.

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