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Former NFL star Jay Cutler on what the Bears should do at quarterback in Week 1

The Chicago Bears are having a controversy with the defenders. And the decision of who starts Week 1 goes to Andy Dalton and Justin Fields.

The Bears’ brass made sure Dalton was the defender of Week 1, but anything could happen between organized team events and the start of the regular season.


Former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler offers his two cents when it comes to what the Bears should do.

He said to go with the gray-haired veteran.

“I’m not going to play as a kid to begin with,” he said in an interview with ESPN Chicago this week. “I̵

7;ll show him. I think it’s just a tough point to throw someone out there. especially in Chicago And I think Andy is more than a service. I think they can win the game with Andy and kind of pull the boat along. Until [Fields] ready”

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Cutler said he didn’t see a lot of Fields sitting around watching and learning the first 10 games of the season and said teams should do what they can to ensure he has the support he needs to play to avoid getting yips and messing around. with his way

Cutler expressed confidence in the Bears’ coaching staff.

“Obviously he has talent. He can move, he can throw. He’s won a lot at Ohio State. He seems to have a little chip in his shoulder, which I don’t think is a bad thing. But as we talk A lot of times when you play defenders there are lots of moving parts. They must get the line [stabilized].They need to get some weapons … and I’m like. [head coach Matt Nagy]. That was never an issue in my mind. I think he will come up with a plan together,” Cutler added.

Chicago picks the field where the number 11 is selected.


He is expected to fight for the job with Dalton. Nick Foles is also on the list.

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