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Former Yankee Alex Rodriguez stole millions from ex-brother-in-law leveraging Hurricane Ike for profit, the lawsuit said.

Alex Rodriguez doesn’t follow any rules in baseball or the law books.

That was according to the former Yankees slugger’s former brother-in-law who claimed A-Rod owed him millions in repayment of the real estate deal they made when Rodriguez married Cynthia Scurtis in the middle of the year. 2000

In a sprawling 136-page lawsuit filed Friday in Miami Civil Court and released on Tuesday, Konstantin Chirtis portrayed A-Rod as a fraudulent backstab. All sorts of forged and forged documents and cut him off from the company they founded together after Rodriguez̵

7;s marriage to Cynthias Curtis was in flames due to allegations that he had cheated on her.

“After Rodriguez’s wife discovers the truth about Rodriguez’s infidelity and filed for divorce, Rodriguez opens (Constantine) Skurtis and cheated on him.” The lawsuit said

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Scurtis said he wanted millions of dollars from Rodriguez, the fourth-highest performing in baseball history at 696, but was suspended twice under the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. He retired in 2016.He is currently engaged to star Jennifer Lopez.

This is not the first time Scurtis has brought Rodriguez to court, he filed for the first several unsuccessful lawsuits nearly a decade ago.

Representatives for Rodriguez declined comment.John C.Lukacs, a lawyer representing A-Rod, did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Scurtis said in 2014 he asked his sister to contact Rodriguez, but “the answer to Scurtis was that Rodriguez would never pay him again.”

Scurtis also recounts a remarkable moment in 2007 when Rodriguez was accused of looking him in the eye and swearing he never cheated on his sister. Shortly before, the New York Post reported that Rodriguez was caught entering a hotel room with a stripper.

In addition, Scurtis said one of Rodriguez’s businesses “set up a project to profit from the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike”, allegedly killing at least 195 people and causing thousands of damage. Million dollars in 2008 in an alleged project, Rodriguez’s Newport Property Ventures firm, created an accounting record. “Reflecting significant inflated damage” to the property owned, Scurtis claimed Rodriguez then paid whistleblowers to remain silent after she called them away.

Scurtis said Rodriguez would not have been successful in real estate without Scurtis’ knowledge and expertise.The lawsuit said Scurtis and Rodriguez became partners in 2003, a year after Rodriguez married Cynthia Scurtis in the deal, Rodriguez would cut. 95% of the money since he is a cash cow and Scurtis receives the remainder for his services plus a 3% acquisition fee for “real estate purchases he identifies as an investment opportunity”.

But it all ended in 2008, when Scurtis claimed two of Rodriguez’s business partners walked into Scurtis’ office and “urged” him to leave the building. The next day, Scurtis said Rodriguez sent him a message to reassure him that things between them were fine and that they were not finished as a friend or business partner.

“I hope there will be a long, peaceful conversation at lunch,” Rodriguez sent Scurtis a message to the case. “Me and you alone.”

Allegedly, that conversation never happened.

“Scurtis had no doubt that the day-to-day hijacking of his sister’s divorce would be followed by a systematic and fraudulent effort to eliminate Scurtis’ equality in venture capital and Draw out future financial returns for him Received the right, “the lawsuit said.

Scurtis said he stopped taking a stake after Rodriguez built a new company without him and sold the assets to that company, effectively giving him a profit.

“As a result of their fraud,” the lawsuit said, “Rodriguez and his conspirators have inflicted millions of dollars in damage to Scurtis.”

Scurtis said Rodriguez’s shady business move led the IRS to file taxes against him that threatened foreclosures on his family’s home and bank account after Rodriguez incorrectly reported to the government that he would send the money. Give him

Read the full case below.

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