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Four Chance to Win $1 Million in Shooting Prizes :: WRAL.com

— To increase the number of North Carolina residents vaccinated against coronavirus, Gov. Roy Cooper said Thursday the state will award four $1 million this summer to vaccinated adults.

Your Shot at $1 Million Summer Cash Draw runs June 23 to August 4. The $1 Million Draw will be held every Wednesday except Wednesday during that time. And anyone who has received at least one dose of the vaccine since last December is automatically eligible. Those vaccinated on or after Thursday will have two chances at each award.

The state will provide four paintings for the $1

25,000 college scholarship for youth ages 12 to 17 who have received at least one.

“No matter who wins in this show, There is no way to lose,” Cooper said during a press conference. “Even if your name is not extracted But the worst thing you can do is get strong protection against deadly viruses.”

North Carolina outpaced early nationwide vaccination rates. But has lagged behind in recent weeks. As of Thursday, 54 percent of adults in the state received at least one dose of the vaccine. That compares to nearly 64 percent nationwide. According to the data from the Ministry of Health and Human Services

Track NC coronavirus patients by district

Cooper said about 2.5 million adults across the state have not been vaccinated. Therefore, government officials “End All Stops” to inoculate more with more weapons.

“Vaccination is the key to defeating this virus,” he said. “Giving these people life-saving vaccines is vital to our public health and our economic health.”

Your chances of winning $1 million are better than playing the PowerBall or MegaMillions lottery.

Someone’s chances of winning the MegaMillions jackpot are approximately one in 302 million and approximately one in 292 million for the PowerBall jackpot. North Carolina is one of 962,598.

For each vaccination award The odds are about one in 1.1 million, although those chances are slightly longer as more adults get vaccinated. for teenagers The college scholarship opportunity is one in 41,421.

The cash drawing has a similar “lottery” pattern in other states. In Ohio, for example, vaccinations increased 28 percent in two weeks when that state offered a $1 million prize for vaccinations, Dr. Mandy Cohen said. Minister for DHHS said

North Carolina also plans to expand startups into four counties that offer people a $25 cash card for vaccinations or drive people to a clinic for shots, Cooper said.

“Whatever motivates people We want to do what works,” he said, adding that states are using the federal pandemic relief fund to pay the incentives. “It’s not only important to that person and their family. It is also important for our entire state.”

COVID-19 patients Nearly 550 remain in hospital throughout the state. And 16 more deaths from the virus were reported on Thursday. More than a million people across the country have been infected with the virus since the outbreak began 15 months ago.

Cooper and Cohen said states have more vaccines if demand increases in the coming days because of cash withdrawals. The state has not ordered new drugs from the federal government in the past two weeks due to low demand.

“I’m not worried about any increase in numbers, in fact we’re happy,” Cohen said. “We want people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. We want them to be protected and participate in this painting.”

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