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Four were arrested in London as a convoy shouting ‘f – k the Jewish’.

The sick video shows people in a convoy in London shouting “Fk the Jewish” and “raping their daughter” – a scene in which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns “Fk the Jewish”. “Shameful racism”

The footage shot overhead in north London on Sunday found anti-Semitic hate speech rang through speakers from several cars emblazoned with the Palestinian flag.

“Fk, their mother raped their daughter. We have to send a message. ”Loudly, according to the news of the Jews

London’s Metropolitan Police said it had received numerous complaints about the convoy and managed to track down with police helicopters, eventually cutting the car off.

Four men have been arrested on charges of intensifying racial public order, the forces said, as patrols in more Jewish neighborhoods.

“This behavior is utterly shocking and unacceptable,” director Jo Edwards insists.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister
Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the hate messages passed by the convoy.
POOL / AFP via Getty Images

“There is no place for antisemitism in our society,” said Johnson.

“I stand up to the Jews in the UK who should not have to endure the infamous racism that we have seen today,” he tweeted.

Opposition leader Sergei Starmers called it “Most disgusting”

“Opposition to xenophobia and hatred has no place on our streets or in our society. There must be consequences, ”he tweeted.

Cars decorated with the Palestinian flag drive all over London.
Four men have been arrested for violent racial public order.

The threat comes amid growing violence between Israel and the Hamas militant group.

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen in recent years, whenever there is tensions in the Middle East or violence, it can spill over our city,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan told “Good Morning Britain” in London. Monday to “the most diverse city in the world.”

Police “take the allegations of these crimes very seriously,” he said, calling for hate crime victims to come forward.

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