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‘Foxitis’ will blame clients’ actions at US Capitol, attorney said

Antonio, his attorney, Joseph Hurley, said he was unemployed at the start of the outbreak and for the next six months was constantly watching Fox News. Antonio developed what his lawyers called “Foxitis” and “Foxmania” and believed the lies about the 2020 election from Fox News and President Donald Trump.

“He believed what was fed to him,” Hurley said.

However, Antonio’s court appearance was halted by an explosion from another defendant, Landon Copeland of Utah.

Copeland obstructed the prosecution before his trial began. He was summoned to a videoconference with a federal judge in Washington, who was considering several other riot defendants at the same time.Copeland was set to be the final case today and shouted repeatedly as the culprit. Another riot appeared before the judge.

After Antonio̵

7;s lawyers blamed Fox News and “Foxitis” Copeland, apparently angry with these comments shouting “I objected” he was later muted by Judge Robin Merivether. Central government

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Immediately after Copeland was taken off, he screamed. “I will tell the truth.” Then he began to go into abusing his own lawyers, law enforcement officers and judges.

“I don’t like your people,” Copeland said in protest of his attorney Ryan Stout. “… I don’t know who you are. You are a robot for me. I am here in the desert, in a land of no man. You will find it.” I can’t find it if I don’t want you. ”

He continued, “You are evil, that’s what you are. You have to shut up.”

As Copeland shouted, Meriweather paused the hearing and sent Copeland to a separate video conference room. As the trial went on, Copeland began arguing with the clerk and saying “f – k all of y’all” and was muted again.

Landon Copeland at the US Capitol on Jan. 6.Photo courtesy of the Department of Justice.
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His lawyer, Stout, later said his client was going through a “crisis” that sparked the eruption. Court officials later told the judge that they were previously told that Copeland was suffering from PTSD.

“I don’t think he is a brawler, I think he’s in crisis,” Stout said.

Copeland is currently not in custody after the Justice Department did not want him to go to prison after his arrest, Meriweather called him to the behavioral health agency for a mental health assessment ahead of a future trial.

The Justice Department prepares a deal for rioters based on a police viral video trapped in a Capitol tunnel.

Earlier in the trial, Copeland’s friends and family members failed to make video calls. They had explicit usernames, loudly playing in the background and speaking during hearings of two other defendants, Copeland’s mother and a friend were asked to leave. Another friend was removed by court officials.

Prosecutors said Copeland stole riot shields, turned metal fences into weapons, and pushed other rioters into police lines on Jan. 6.He has yet to file four allegations.

Antonio said he saw ‘death’ in the eyes of the police.

Mr Antonio was accused of yelling, intimidating police, pouring water at officers who were dragged along parliamentary procedures and carrying riot shields and gas masks, according to court documents. Antonio then entered the city hall through shattered windows and threw down the broken furniture, according to court documents.
During an interview with the FBI, Antonio said he witnessed the assault of DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fannon. Antonio said he had made eye contact with Fanone, who asked for his help and that he had seen “what is wrong.” Die “in Fanone’s eyes.
DC Police Officers: 'It's So Hard' to See Elected Officers Brutal Retaliation

“I didn’t help him in the proper time,” Antonio told the staff. He said that he wouldn’t be able to get Fanone’s image out of his head.

Antonio has been charged with five federal crimes related to the uprising, including violent entry and disorderly conduct on the grounds of Congress and vandalizing government assets. He has not yet entered into the excuse.

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