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France. Didier Deschamps is finally exhausted.

Didier Deschamps is very much a reflection of France. Unconditional love is not there. The result is

or, used to beFrance’s Euro 2020 ended well before anyone expected. Thanks to Switzerland’s fierce rally on Monday. And now the quarterfinals will continue without the reigning world champion in it.

The French, and especially the French under Deschamps, have a track record of more than just a successful summer. They were also the finalists at Euro 2016, having only been toppled by the stumbled Eder fireball. (In Paris, no less) despite the total domination of Portugal. They were also acquitted at the 201

4 World Cup, surpassing the eventual champions Germany in the quarter-finals. But still offers a bright start to Deschamps’ time as manager.

A defensive midfielder who has been stumped in his playing career. It’s no surprise why Deschamps approached the French coach with the same (lack) spirit. For starters, he took the title for only two years at the protest of out-and-out players. France spent the better part of two decades at the Boomerang between trophies and humiliation. The ship needs long-term stability. Who is better than the captain of the only World Cup-winning team in the country’s history?

And then there’s the dynamic of international football. It is difficult. It was a carousel of a generation of glorious players. the next one is barren Managers have a short time To assess talent and implement the strategy, fans rolled their eyes every time Deschamps released his latest kit, 4-3-3 here, 4-4-2 there, with everyone from centre-back to centre-forward. assigned to hanging back

France got knocked out of Euro 2020 earlier than anyone expected (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

France got knocked out of Euro 2020 earlier than anyone expected (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

But for him, it means downsizing the game. simplification Stop thinking less about what players think so they can unlock more of their unique abilities. Because France, which is now booming.

And in the end, France became overly dependent on it. in place of football team inspiration Magical moments combine with broken opponents to threat from that miracle and French ammunition deterred enough of the attacks to bear fruit year after year.

Opening the European Championships with Germany, Paul Pogba is one of the most talented players in the sport. Only he can see the ball as far as Lucas. Hernandez on the rampage which flew over the first time into the box at Dak Mats. Hummels in the tide to create their own goals.

while France had a few more goals in that game due to offside. Germany really has a better chance. But France still wins. Because that’s how France operates under Deschamps. “Effective” might be a misnomer, but “curl” does a good job, ready to attack while being somewhat self-exposed.

Is it wrong to want a more capable team? From the front line that started the restoration Karim Benzema, the ceilingless Kylian Mbappé and expert Antoine Griezmann? From the starting midfielder Pogba and the world’s signature ball destroyer in N’Golo Kanté? Obligation has always been a mythical devil in football. Most often they appear to the requester. while others Applause politely against pragmatism.

Only for now, Deschamps’ biggest tournament will invite criticism like never before. partly because of the strangeness lack Of pragmatism, Deschamps fired a 3-4-1-2 with three central defenders at the back and Benjamin Pavard and Adrien Rabiot spun wide. Able to invade, attack and line up. It’s similar to how Thomas Tuchel won the Champions League last month with Chelsea by Ben Chilwell and Reece. James was honored on the wing and suffocated with the way Manchester City enjoyed the action. So it makes sense in context.

But in practice it doesn’t make sense. How deep did Deschamps train his team? It’s a fair question. Due to his conservative tendency Does he think Switzerland lacks the necessary threat in a more open game?

Up until the last point he was pretty close to correct. In the end, France created a great moment and led 3-1 with 15 minutes remaining. From that point, Switzerland scored two unlikely goals. have And each exhausted team failed to find a winner. Before the penalty kick will cause arbitrary luck.

So when France’s anger at the failure subsided, The Federation had to answer some difficult questions. They had to decide Didier. Is Deschamps a legend right in 1998 or not to continue? Or should they turn to someone like Zinedine Zidane, they will have to decide whether nine years is long enough to hold every player’s ear in the deepest pool in the world or if it’s long enough.

which choiceright? Make a safe move or make it bold.

France hasn’t done that for a while. You don’t have to do it when you’re alive in the tournament.

Time to see what happens when you’re away.

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