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French laundry chef Thomas Keller deleted his Twitter account after being criticized online.

French Laundry celebrity chef Thomas Keller left Twitter on Tuesday after a tweet praising Sheldon G. The recently deceased Adelson, one of President Donald Trump’s biggest donors, is a patron of Keller’s restaurant, he saw an immediate backlash.

Some have called the Keller tone deaf because of the recent Capitol attacks by Trump supporters or expressed disappointment in him for making money from the “wicked”. Last night, people began to notice that Keller had deleted it. His Twitter account is gone (The San Francisco Chronicle breaks the news).

But the incident is far from Keller’s first brush that has been controversial in recent months. In April, after he was named the White House Restaurant Economy Council, together with Wolfgang Puck, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud, Keller tweeted the following: “Honors. @realdonaldtrump asked me & @danielboulud @wolfgangpuck @jeangeorges to join the @ whitehouse Great American Economic Revival Industry Group, proud to work together to form a strategy where American safety is of the utmost importance in mutual recovery.

Keller also directly thanked Trump in another tweet for the issues involved just days ago. Online, some were upset to see Trump̵

7;s direct mention from Keller, and were also disappointed to see the restaurant council’s makeup were all male, mostly white, and made up of representatives of companies like Chick-fil-. A and Pepsi more than small businesses.

“I’m still trying to understand how these chefs represent different restaurant owners,” one replied. “Oh wait, they can’t. Anyone in the room will speak for the workers. I feel like we all put too much faith in this ‘relief’ when we haven’t gone through the storm.”

With criticisms of his new gig, Keller is doubled down on

“This is not a problem with the party. But millions of people are struggling to set food on their tables.I proudly stand alongside today’s great thought leaders, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Ajay Banga, Condoleezza Rice, Adam Silver, Ann Mukherjee, Barb. Ra Grimm and many others, ”he tweeted in a thread. Another tweet said: “I urge all haters and abusers to stop and join meaningful acts, shout less, do more.”

And while Keller himself was not the center of all heat, Govin Newsom and the London Mayor of San Francisco were caught eating at the French Laundry during the outbreak. But that didn’t help his restaurant fame. French Laundry also received more than $ 2.4 million in PPP loans during the outbreak, while the smaller restaurants attempted to get approval from a federal program that… wasn’t ideal. With so many people for obvious reasons.

Tuesday’s Twitter controversy might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, but leaving Twitter seemed like a long time for Keller, however, the chef’s Instagram account is still active.

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