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French police stabbed to death by ex-con Charged with surveillance of threats

An ex-extremist French prisoner on a potential terror threat watchdog stabbed a policewoman in her station in western France on Friday and died after a shooting with police. government minister said

The victim was seriously injured. But it is expected to survive, said interior minister Gerald Darmanin.

The attacker was released from prison in March after being sentenced to eight years in prison for violent crimes and listed on the Security Service Register for those who may be at risk of terrorism.

“He was arrested in 2016 for strict adherence to Islam. of extremism,” Darmanin told reporters after visiting a police station in Chapel-sur-Airdrie. close to Nantes where the attack occurred

The attack echoed the stabbing of a female administrative official near Paris last month.

Stephanie Monferme was killed at the entrance of her police station by a Tunisian who had watched Islamic religious videos praising the actions of jihad before the start of his attack.

Darmanin said the suspect in Friday’s attack was diagnosed with severe schizophrenia and was undergoing medical treatment after he was released from prison. He was placed in an apartment where he was examined by experts, Darmanin added.

French troops occupy the area after men stabbed and assaulted a police woman in La Chapelle-sur-Erdre. In western France May 28, 2021 REUTERS/Stephane Mahe

Initially, the suspect fled into the car before the accident prompted him to continue walking. He was hunted after a hunt involving 250 officers and surrounded the chaplet-sur-herdre area.

The suspect, who stole the victim’s gun, opened fire on officers, Darmanin said.

There was a shooting as officers moved in and arrested the man. The suspect died shortly after. and two officers sustained minor gunshot injuries.

Darmanin said French counterterrorism prosecutors were not leading the investigation at this point. The minister said it was not for him to qualify whether this was terrorism or not.

Tackling domestic security should be at the heart of the campaign ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Marine Le Pain, the far-right leader and strongest contender to the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, portrays the president as weak on security. and said the police needed more protection.

“I refuse to admit that attacking the police has become a part of everyday life. In the end we have to fight this savagery and never, never, never get used to it,” Le Pen tweeted.

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