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French wines come back from a year in space.

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft landed off the coast of Florida on Wednesday night carrying 12 bottles of research material, equipment and French bottles. wine.

But it’s not just wine!

These and some wine bottles grape Spend a year on the International Space Station orbiting Earth in the name of science.

The wine won’t be open until the end of February, that’s when Space Cargo Unlimited plans to open a bottle or two for an out-of-this-world wine tasting in Bordeaux, France.

Agricultural science is the primary focus of research, said Nicolas Gaume, the company’s chief and co-founder, but he admits it will be a lot of fun to sample the wines. He will be one of the fortunate tasted with a French wine expert.

Months of chemical testing will follow. The researchers wanted to see how and how the area changed wine sedimentation. Air bubblesFlocculation is the process in which material is transported to the bottom of the liquid.

Gaume told the Associated Press that his company̵

7;s goal is to try and understand, “How do we have agriculture tomorrow?” Naturally And it is healthy and able to feed mankind, ”Gaume added,“ We ​​think space has important. ”

With climate change, Gaume increases agricultural productivity, such as grapes, so that it can live in more difficult conditions. As a result of space experiments, Space Cargo Unlimited hopes to apply what has been learned to make plants stronger on Earth.

There is another reason to do such space research. Gaume expects future lunar explorers to reach the moon and Mars will want to enjoy the good things of the world. It’s a part of life, ”he said.

The wine bottles were kept in a steel container for safety when they went to the space station aboard Northrop Grumman in November 2019. 320 pieces of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vines, called canes in the viticulture business, were left aboard the SpaceX spacecraft last March. Past

At this time, Dragon’s SpaceX is the only spacecraft capable of returning experiments, space stations, and other artifacts to Earth.Others will flare up in the atmosphere when they return.

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wine n. Alcoholic beverage made from grape juice

grape – N.m. Climbing plants where vines grow

bubble – N.m. A tiny round ball of air or gas inside a liquid

Naturally – adj. Of food: grown or made without the use of artificial chemicals.

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