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Fresh News Coronavirus: British Pharmacies Start Vaccine Release As WHO Team Arrives in Wuhan | World News

Leading British pharmacies will begin rolling out the COVID vaccine as the death toll from the virus across the UK soars to more than 100,000.

Boots and Superdrug branches will be one of six stores across the UK that will be able to serve jabs starting Thursday, while the government aims to achieve a goal of vaccinating everyone in the four most vulnerable groups by mid-next month.

Andrews Pharmacy in Macclesfield, chemist Cullimore in Edgware, north London, Woodside Pharmacy in Telford and Appleton Village in Widnes will be among the first to co-dispense with Boots in Halifax and Superdrug in Guildford.

Boris Johnson also told MPs that the distribution “will be 24/7 as soon as possible,”

; but volume volumes remain the main obstacle.

The Scottish Government published a plan to deliver the vaccine Wednesday evening, including detailing the number of doses expected to receive each week through the end of May, fueling contacts with London, which declined to publish numbers.

All six pharmacies were selected because they could deliver a large amount of vaccines and help create social distortions, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock said it was “wonderful” to have a jab on top Main road

“Pharmacies are at the heart of the local community and will make a big difference to our launch program by providing more local and convenient locations for those who are eligible. Got a jab, “he said.

By the end of this month, more than 200 community chemists will be able to deliver the vaccine, according to NHS England.

The pharmacy is affiliated with 200 hospitals, about 800 GP clinics, and seven large vaccination centers where jabs are already distributed.

Labor leader Sergei Starmer urged ministers to go ahead and use Britain’s 11,500 pharmacies to get vaccinated at all times by the end of next month.

The expanding British vaccination service came as the UK death daily report hit a new high on Wednesday, with 1,564 deaths recorded within 28 days after testing positive.

The latest figures mean the horrific milestones of more than 100,000 deaths related to the coronavirus have been passed down in the UK, according to official data.

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