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‘Friends’ and Matt LeBlanc reunion has Irish Twitter talk

LeBlanc sat cross-legged with a sweet face. One viewer wrote on Twitter that he looked like a “persona” type. “The extreme salt of the world,” “full of ingenuity and a little cynicism.”

Another wrote: “He looks like an Irish uncle with a golden heart. He’s backward, ruthless, loves life, his family, his cows and you, hugs like a bear, drinks like a fish, talks on his back, leaves his donkey…”

another wrote: “Young lad you have a good job explaining to you that you’re not an artist after you get your liberal arts degree.”

LeBlanc “Looks like a bastard that you̵

7;ll have a deep conversation with in the residents’ bar after the wedding. Ten pints down and he gives you the best advice. You will never meet him except his sage. Wisdom with you forever Be a gentleman,” wrote one fan.

Bridgerton actress Nicole Coughlan wrote, “Matt LeBlanc is Irish. I don’t want to see another country try to claim him. He’s from Tullamore. He drinks milk with dinner.”

One fan even expertly placed LeBlanc in an Irish pub. which he could look at at home

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