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Fury’s father erupts in Tyson’s squad over son fights Wilder instead of Joshua.

John Fury, the father of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, was unhappy with the events. So much so that his son is forced to move on with the Deontay Wilder trilogy of battles.

Last weekend, Fury was close to reaching an agreement to face IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO champion Anthony Joshua in a full division combination. The two sides agreed to take place on August 14 in Saudi Arabia.

But last Monday An arbitrator has issued a verdict which ordered Fury to comply with his match clause against Deontay Wilder.

Contract obligations emerged from the February 2020 tournament which saw Fury stop Wilder in seven laps to win the WBC title.

Fury and Wilder are now scheduled to clash on July 24 in Las Vegas as Joshua heads to mandatory defense from Oleksandr Usyk.

John Fury would love to see his son drop the WBC title and move forward with Joshua, but what Elder Fury doesn̵

7;t understand is the match clause calling for a third fight, with or without a WBC title. In other words, Fury. Can’t continue facing anyone other than Wilder.

Fury’s father blames his son’s team for the latest developments.

The boxer is promoted jointly by Bob Arum of Top Rank and Frank Warren of Queensberry and he is managed by MTK Global.

“[Tyson has] 20,000 yes men around him,” John Fury said in an interview with BT Sport.

“This is what happens when you reach the top. There’s a lot of rubbish there. There are many hangers. You can see what’s going on in America with him – a daunting task to be honest with you. Is it cruel? Are you ready to punch one guy? And suddenly, at the 11th hour, everything was fine within 24 hours. He signed with all the other boxing stadiums. They were all around him like grasshoppers. I was thinking to myself, ‘How could he be right?’

“He can blame his team, no one else, anything hustle is bad and rushes. He is fighting AJ. I want him to fight AJ. I’m not interested in Deontay Wilder, I told him in a phone conversation with Chuck. belt in the trash for him [Wilder] Had and fought AJ on August 14th as planned.

“I was worried if Tyson would raise his game for Wilder. whether he is satisfied or not There’s a good chance it’s wrong there. The danger point was to get fair play at that minute Americans. The boxing brothers were embarrassed by their final escape.

“Why don’t you step back $20 million without fighting and guaranteeing a winning shot? When you fight for much less money And you’re at risk of having your skull collapse again. it doesn’t make Apparently, the power that was in America was involved. They were calling for shots and trapping them both.

“Both men can win, AJ can win and Tyson can too, because both of them can stay silent. When you think of the other person, and suddenly you are doing something else. They were prepared for battle. the greatest fight In history, we now have two warm-up bouts in between.

“Everyone seemed to do as Bob Arum said, wasn’t it cricket? I mean no harm to Bob, he may have the right intentions. But it’s all about money. All of this benefits Americans. Because they never wanted Saudi Arabia to fight, this arbitration could be canceled in December. But they didn’t – they were out of time. Why don’t they squash when they know this big fight is happening? I could talk about this all day, but people know they’re not stupid. What can I say about this, all rubbish?”

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