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G7 to see mechanism for quick response to Russia’s ‘propaganda’, Raab said.

The seven richest nations will consider a proposal to create a rapid response mechanism to counteract. Russia’s “propaganda” and disinformation, British Foreign Minister Dominica told Reuters.

Ahead of the G7 Foreign Ministers̵

7; meeting in London, the first in-person meeting for two years, Raab said the UK was “providing the G7 with a speedy countermechanism” to counter Russia’s misinformation.

“So when we see these lies and propaganda or fake news, we can – not just individuals. But come together to argue and forthright to give truth to the people of this country. But also in Russia, or China or the world, ”Raab said.

Russia and China have tried to sow mistrust across the West, either by spreading distorted information in elections or by spreading the COVID-19 vaccine, according to British, US and European security officials.

Russia has denied the intervention was beyond its limits and said the West was resisted from anti-Russian hysteria. China says the West is a bully and that its leaders have ideas behind the empire that make them feel they can act like cops around the world.

Britain argues that Russia is the biggest threat to security, although it sees China as the greatest long-term challenge, both military, economic and technological.

Raab will meet with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday, kicking off a week of diplomacy aimed at boosting the role of the G7 and building a wider fort against what it sees as undermining rule-based international regulations.

“The scope for intense global cooperation, international cooperation with our American partners and the broader G7 we are holding this week, has never been more,” Raab said.

He stressed that meeting in person, which is possible because measures such as daily attendance testing, will make diplomacy much easier: “You can only do a lot by zooming.”

The G7 members are the UK, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, and their gross domestic product is valued at about $ 40 trillion, slightly less than half of the global economy.


British and US officials have voiced concerns in recent months over increased strategic cooperation between Russia, the world’s largest by territory, and China, a fast-growing main economy. Top of the world

Asked about the concern, Raab said: “What is most important to us is that we expand a group of like-minded nations that stand up for an open society, human rights and democracy that stand up for open trade.”

He said many partners wanted “Know how this outbreak started.” The coronavirus outbreak, which began in China in late 2019, has killed 3.2 million people and lost billions of dollars in output worldwide.

Raab said some obstacles between the G7 and other like-minded nations need to be broken down in order to have a broader network of alliances that stand up for an open and democratic market.

Britain has invited India, Australia and South Korea to this week’s meetings from Monday to Wednesday and a full leadership summit in June.

Asked if Britain could find a way to join the so-called Quad – the United States, Japan, Australia and India, Raab said there were no concrete proposals yet. But the UK is looking for more ways to get involved in the Indo-Pacific.

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