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Galaxy S21 series dumps MST for Samsung Pay

Mobile payments have become a very useful tool. But it’s still not accepted everywhere, Samsung broke that rule with its smart MST technology that can emulate traditional cards, but with the Galaxy S21, Samsung uses MST for payments.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though.Samsung has been moving away from MST for a few years now, separating the features from some smartwatches and phones, but the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. It’s the company’s first flagship product line that is completely missing this feature. This feature, which was introduced in the Galaxy S6, has been on most of the flagships since then.

What does this mean for the Galaxy S21

series? MST isn’t making or breaking for mobile payments, NFC is still present on all three phones, so you can pay wherever iPhone, Pixel or other smartphone users can. Samsung Pay or Google Pay too.

The bigger impact is Samsung Pay, as the Galaxy S21 gave the best reason to use that service via Google Pay.MST is really useful for places that don’t accept NFC, but right now there is no point in using the option. Samsung’s more than Google’s, especially when you consider that Google Pay works with other devices and syncs with the web too.

This change was documented in Samsung’s official specification sheet for the Galaxy S21 series and has been confirmed by several journalists.

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