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Galaxy S21 Ultra works with Samsung S Pen, Pro stylus: price, features and limitations


The Galaxy S21 Ultra works with the S Pen.

James Martin / CNET

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Samsung can finally do it. Smartphone manufacturer just Galaxy S21 product list announcementAnd hence the fact that the Galaxy S21 Ultra supports features that were once exclusive to the Galaxy Note. ($ 780 at Amazon) Phone family: S Pen stylus support

That means S21 Ultra owners will soon be able to use the tiny digital pen to take notes, take screenshots, sign documents or draw in their favorite apps. There will be a lot of things the S Pen can do on the Note, however, it can’t on the Galaxy S21 and the stylus won’t come with the S21 Ultra – you’ll have to buy it separately.

We’ll walk you through the basics of Galaxy S21 Ultra stylus support, including S Pen compatibility, features and where you can store the stylus when you’re not using it (And this is how to use the new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag.)

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Does the S21 Ultra come with an S Pen stylus?

It’s not.You can buy it directly from Samsung for $ 40, designed specifically for the S21 Ultra.There are also two other stylish Samsung cases you can buy, both of which have the S Pen at $ 70 each.

Alternatively, you can buy and use the S Pen stylus from Samsung for $ 25 to $ 40.

Can I use the S Pen from the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab?

Yes.Samsung has said that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will work with the existing S Pen from the Galaxy Note phone or Galaxy Tab tablet, however, it will not be able to perform every function. (More below)

Does the S21 Ultra have S Pen storage like the Galaxy Note?

No, you will need to purchase an S21 Ultra case designed to hold the S Pen instead, or you can purchase one. really Good at following a small stylus


S Pen is used for writing or drawing in your favorite apps.

James Martin / CNET

What can the S Pen on the S21 Ultra do?

You can use it to tap and navigate menus, jot down your thoughts or take notes in the Samsung Notes app, or sketch new ideas in your favorite drawing app.

What can’t the S Pen do on the S21 Ultra on Note phones?

The S Pen’s integration with the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t have Bluetooth support, which means you won’t get the same gesture features that let you do things like control slideshows or skip songs by swiping the stylus like a wand. – See below for the S Pen Pro.

Another downside to the lack of Bluetooth support is that you won’t receive any notifications if you leave the S Pen behind, so if you walk away from the stylus, your phone won’t make a noise. And inform you that the two machines are separate

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The S21 Ultra will finally get additional features of the S Pen, but you’ll have to wait for the S Pen Pro.

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Want more functionality? Wait for the S Pen Pro

Samsung briefly spoke about the S Pen Pro, the new stylus the company plans to release later this year that will feature Bluetooth similar to the Galaxy Note models during Samsung’s unpackaged presentation. We have specifically requested the ability to use gestures with the S Pen Pro on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, however at this time we do not have a specific price or release date But if you want more than just a basic stylus with the S21 Ultra, you might have to wait until the S Pen Pro is ready to use.

We fully expect additional capabilities in the new Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen. But we’ll have to wait until we can get the S21 Ultra in our hands and start digging in before we discover more features. In the meantime, be sure to check out our first impressions, and if you want to order the Galaxy S21 for yourself, we’ve covered everything you need to know to get the unit on launch day.

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