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Game developers deny Hideo Kojima’s involvement in Abandoned games for PS5.

Danish developer Blue Box Game Studios has announced the release of the exclusive PlayStation 5, a first-person survival horror shooter. abandonOn Wednesday via Sony’s PlayStation Blog, almost immediately, PlayStation fans came to the conclusion on the teaser trailer that this was secret Hideo Kojima game.

There were enough people to think so. In fact, the studio was forced to address that speculation. abandon It is a stealth announcement for anything else and to deny Kojima’s involvement in its website.

From the statement of Blue Box:

We have received several emails about the rumors of Hideo Kojima. We have no affiliation with Hideo Kojima and we do not claim any relationship and do not intend to claim such an order. We are a small group of developers working on cool titles that we have wanted to do for a long time. We have been helping other studios with their projects in the past and we want to work on our first big project. Although in the past we have been working on small projects. But we’re definitely not using that for marketing purposes. We hope this clarifies the story and look forward to seeing you all in our first gameplay reveal. abandon.

But why are PlayStation fans wondering if something is not on the scale? abandonReally? It might have something to do with gameplay and a detailed light teaser, which shows a man walking through a horrible, serene forest like the real thing. But not much Or the fact that Blue Box Game Studios doesn’t have as many names or appearances online as the owners and abandon Game director Hasan Kahraman or the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment Released exclusive Kojima’s previous console platform. Death catch.

Kojima has finally set the precedent for announcing mystery games (such as Phantom pain By Moby Dick Studio and Game Producers Joakim Mogren PT By 7780s Studio joking. Silent HillsBut according to Blue Box Game Studios, abandon What it is: A realistic survival game about an amnesia man who discovers that he has been kidnapped and abandoned in the forest. The studio promises to further disclose and release the full gameplay video “coming soon.”

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