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Game Recap: The Penguins Are Broken From Loss, Open Season 6-3 Flyer


– The season is finally back! Penguin launches in a way expected from pre-game predictions.

First period

The pen had little weather at the start. But then bounced back for the game and the first goal of the season, Jared McCann did an excellent job of catching the puck and scoring a fine center goal.Mark Jankowski did well at sneaking out from behind the net, the defender followed. The puck, not Jankowski, proved to be a problem when Jankowski had room to be quickly broken 1-0 past Carter Hart.

Pen to play with fire But not making a ton out

Cody Ceci had a remarkable moment for the first time, slashing slightly when hitting outside speed. Tristan Jarri made a good stop in the opportunity that would follow. But the flyers return to play for the first time. They counted when Mike Matheson couldn̵

7;t catch the puck in his own zone, then left James van Riemsdyk in front of the net and diverged the point 1-1.

Towards the end of the period, Matheson received a counter penalty and Philadelphia struck a swift attack before ending the period with the second end of the point shot that ended in the 2-1 Nets of Philly.

After 20 minutes, the overall shot was 13-10 pens at 5v5, Pittsburgh played moderately with Corsi For 56.7% and 66.6% at goal chances … but Philly’s powerful penalties and execution. Able to score two similar goals in just 1:32 in total.

Second period

Another good start for the third line, McCann pulled the penalty, playing with the power of the pen looked disjointed again until Sydney Crosby performed Sydney Crosby’s play knocked out of Hart that was not advised. That was trying to clear it out of the air and flick it into the empty net. Cute thing. 2-2.

The pen has been playing with fire again. But failed to get the rabbit out of the hat like the last time

The game opens up a bit, with end-to-end play and the Flyers again at the end of the period with 1:06 left.Sam Lafferty is unable to catch the puck and Joel Farabee is secretly behind Matheson Farabee moves well and Matheson does. Able to recover, while Farabee had Jarry’s far corner to catch it, with the netminder hugging the near 3-2 post, Philly backed forward.

The second phase shot is 9-6 pens, overall 23-16 PIT for games.The pen maintains an advantage at 5v5 with 55.9% CF%, 55.6% scoring chance for%.

Third period

The pen was struck for just 39 seconds, at the time the penguin was too masculine, demanding after a really sloppy first change to let the flyer play its third power of the evening. Pittsburgh Killed Tonight’s First Penalty

Shortly thereafter, the third line buzzed and halted.Jankowski revived the puck and made a superb long-range backhand for Brandon Tanev, who shot hard back Hart and slammed his gloves to tie the game again. Times 3-3 left at 4:59 p.m.

Flyers pushed back forward to score away when the pen pinched and couldn’t catch the line, John Marino was unable to keep it outside and then the striker was unable to go back in time, Scott Laughton passed the ball. Excellent midfield pass, with Michael Raffl on the board left 14:23

The pen fell behind two more times in a run, Ceci curled and could not return, and Pittsburgh had no defensive form at all in the scramble as the Flyers received a few cracks at the puck, which ended up with Travis Konecny. Flip it over in 5-3.

20 seconds later, as the defeat opened, Joel Farabi fired from the outside, Jarry kicked off a massive rebound for Kevin Hayes wide open to tap into the 6-3 open net. And this one quickly leaves the field.

At this point, the game was calm and the teams quietly ended the opening game.

Some idea

  • The best line of pens in this game is a surprise to a trio of McCann-Jankowski-Tanev The speed of the wings is a noticeable thing and it will be interesting to watch as it moves forward. The East is very strong. But the bottom line defense pair’s skating abilities weren’t really one of them.
  • Pens’ power play isn’t so smooth, with a lone defender telegram to the turn and looking for a slingshot back-pass. That was a move that used to work in the NHL, but now PK’ers have been scouted and adjusted. The way the pen performs or refines this will be an important aspect.
  • According to NBCSN, Crosby’s goal was to score his seventh goal last night, passing on Mario Lemieux’s six-man franchise record.
  • Matheson’s involvement in the second and third goals was living the negative aspects of his spying reports with defensive inconsistencies. We can also see why recently the d pair switched to Matheson and John Marino. At one point Matheson / Ceci was stuck in their own zone together and didn’t look hot.
  • Also, without checking the shift graph as a possible answer, he just dropped out, why Matheson played PK, and Marcus Pettersson had no change until the third period, and Matheson didn’t play PP all night as Pettersson. Being there for 2 minutes, it doesn’t seem like the players are placed in the ideal spot. (Shouts to our friend Eric for that observation)
  • Not a great special team night, PK gave up two goals on three innings. Both times were pulled from the structure, losing the encounter and movement of the Flyers’ puck, and both times allowing for front deflections. To clean Pens’ power play ended 1/3, which didn’t look bad on the scorecard. But it didn’t look good tonight, salvaged by Crosby’s efforts at Hart’s gift.
  • Random statistics: even scoring goals But none of the players had two fewer ES ice time passes than Jankowski at 6:40.
  • Game 3-3 on the road in the third game was broken in this game. Sometimes it happens The pen does a good job of fighting back a little. But then it escaped from them.
  • Jarry doesn’t seem to be playing badly. But he did a very good save that I remember. (From the penalty that the Flyers would later score) he didn’t go above and beyond. He doesn’t get much help from the team, Philly has speed and at the end of the game they go out and the Pittsburgh defense team doesn’t give him any help, the team will try to improve many areas next time.

That will end for the game with a new wrinkle this season, the two teams will meet again on Friday night for the second game. Pittsburgh can look back and see what mistakes they made and try to clean them up next time. It was a short 56-game season, but it was a year without exhibition. All teams will have to clean up their games and improve them last year.

For Pittsburgh, it started with trying to make money from the first two games.

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