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Gavin Newsom, Governor of California surrender to emergency delegation

During a vaccine lottery event on Friday, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom rejected a pledge to lift the state̵

7;s state of emergency after June 15, keeping him still. The power to enforce restrictions on COVID-19

“One thing I’m sure there is uncertainty in the future,” Newsom said. “The state of emergency remains in effect after June 15.”

When asked about the reasons for backtracking on the promises made to Californians, The provincial governor replied that “Because we are still in an emergency. The disease is still effective. It doesn’t stop the summer.”

He implied that he might need to use emergency powers again. “Some adjustments may be subject to changing conditions,” he said.

Reporters also questioned Newsom about the decision by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CalOSHA), which appears to approve a recommendation to wear face masks for everyone in the workplace. If some employees have not been vaccinated The policy will maintain the mask mandate beyond the expiration date stated by Newsom for that requirement. The Board has set up a sub-committee to investigate further problems.

“Dust is falling. They have a meeting subcommittee to follow up on some of the results. They are going in the right direction,” Newsom commented on CalOSHA.

“We are working through this. This is the sausage making process. We had a number of conversations this morning about how people felt about what happened last night. I think it’s helpful that the governor doesn’t impose and authorize the decision in advance. . . . We are repeatedly in the process of participating . . . Our next shortly,” Newsom said.

The governor stressed the effectiveness and importance of wearing a mask. Despite the fact that a large number of vaccines have been released across the country and the rate of transmission of the virus has dropped. “Face masking remains an important part of our arsenal in the fight against the disease,” he insisted.

Newsom’s overturn on COVID restrictions and reluctance to forfeit the epidemic emergency powers. It happened with a recall movement to remove him. Because the governor receives widespread support from millions of petitioners. Much of the effort was inspired by Newsom’s coronavirus policy. This includes the toughest lockdown measures in the US.

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