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Gayle Smith, who helped lead the US response to Ebola, will run Biden’s vaccine ambassador.

An ardent supporter of protecting some of the world’s poorest countries from Covid-19 has been elected to lead the Biden government’s vaccine diplomacy in an effort to support wealthier countries to distribute vaccinations equally. Around the world

Gayle Smith, former United States International Development Agency executive and chief executive of the ONE campaign to eradicate poverty and preventable disease, will step into the new State Department’s role.

Antony J.Blinken, Secretary of State About 62 million people in the United States were fully vaccinated against COVID-1

9 on Monday to ensure more people are protected abroad.

“We have a duty to other countries to get rid of the virus under control here in the United States,” Mr Blinken said at the State Department. Because, again, only by stopping COVID worldwide, Americans will be saved in the long run. ”

Mr Blinken said other countries have asked the United States “with increasing despair” to share vaccination supplies. “We hear you and I promise we will move as quickly as possible,” he said.

Smith is largely focused on trying to coordinate an international response, even if the virus is mutated and threatens to spread the pandemic. So far, the United States has sponsored or pledged $ 4 billion to cowax, a driving force for vaccination worldwide, with most ties to low and middle-income countries and Congress last month. It has already approved $ 11 billion in efforts abroad to combat the outbreak. Dollars sent to foreign and non-governmental organizations in the first year of the outbreak.

There are more than 665 million vaccinations worldwide, according to the Our World in Data program at the University of Oxford.

Still, China, India and Russia have overtaken the United States in providing the global vaccine as a diplomatic tool. Last month, the ONE campaign called on President Biden to share 5 percent of the drug intake overseas when 20 percent of Americans are vaccinated and increase the dose globally as more people in the United States receive the dose. According to the group, the US government bought 453 million doses of the excess vaccine.

Smith, who will receive a second vaccine on Tuesday, helped lead the Obama administration’s response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak that spread across borders in West Africa and in the United States. While the World Health Organization has been deprived of staff. And other resource shortages, officials said, since then, the United Nations agency has promoted the collaboration of scientists and health professionals to better track disease.

The Trump administration withdrew from the WHO last year after refusing to blame China for failing to stop COVID-19 from its origin. But the US has recommended working with the agency under Biden.

“If the virus moves faster, we win,” Smith said after Mr Blinken announced her appointment on Monday. “But with the unity of purpose, science, vigilance and leadership, we can defeat all kinds of viruses. ”

Mr Blinken said there would be enough vaccines for all adults in the United States by the end of May, after more than 550,000 Americans died from the virus.As of February 2020, more than 2.8 million people have died from the epidemic worldwide.

Other global leaders have begun urging wealthy countries to share vaccines with poorer countries. On Sunday, Pope Francis called the vaccine. “Essential tools” to stop the spread

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