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Geisinger expands COVID-19 vaccination | wnep.com

Geisinger is expanding the COVID-19 vaccination availability to anyone under the state’s Phase 1A.

DANVILLE, Pa. – Mary Martin is a Wapwallopen therapist who works in different hospital systems. On Tuesday, she received the first COVID-19 vaccine at the Geisinger Health Plan Building near Danville.

“It was relieved to know that I had the first dose,” Martin said.

Geisinger expands the COVID-1

9 vaccination availability to include everyone under the state’s Phase 1A.

Geisinger has four vaccination centers, and all of them will be open for the foreseeable future.

“We are building these with the expectation that we will be able to use them until at least 2021,” said Allison Hess, Geisinger vice president of healthcare.

Hess said the health system was vaccinated on a weekly basis.

“Our goal is that as soon as we are vaccinated, we want them to turn back to the individual as soon as possible,” Hess said.

Immunizations are currently available for healthcare workers who are under the state’s Phase 1A.The biggest question Hess hears is when will the vaccine be available to everyone.

“Our intent is that as soon as we can distribute it, we will push out the qualified people as quickly as possible, our commitment is that we will continue to do so as long as there is supply,” Hess said.

The center was vaccinating about 100 people on Tuesday. Hesse said the number will increase in the future.

Martin was happy to be vaccinated.

“For personal health But I still have to go out into the world and feel safe and know I’m protected and hopefully I can protect others by getting vaccinated, ”Martin said.

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