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‘General Hospital’ Kirsten Storms reveals latest brain surgery – Deadline

general hospital Kirsten Storms star revealed in a series of Instagram stories that she had brain surgery.

The 37-year-old actress told followers she had surgery earlier this week to deal with cysts growing in her brain. Despite the harrowing situation, Storms are in good spirits and will continue to rest at home.

Storm joked, saying there were no pictures to obscure her post-surgery status. “Right now there is no filter to make this any better for me,” she said in the first video.

In acknowledging the shocking revelation, Storms said it was the first time she had publicly discussed her medical problems.”I don’t really talk much about it at all. Less than 48 hours ago. I had brain surgery So the brace is in the lower part of the brain,” she said.

Storms confirmed to fans. That she’s not fighting cancer: “What they have to drain and get rid of is not cancer. I would like to clarify that now before the Internet is full of rumors about this I have a very large cyst that splits in two. And the doctors said it was so full that I felt a lot of pressure when they opened my skull. It sounds very strange,” she explained.

for future plans for her role in general hospitalStorms said it would “It’s in healing for the next few weeks. But I’ll be back to work when this is over.” She will do what she loves the most. that is knitting

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