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Genocide-related property bill urges Israel to summon Polish ambassador

on sunday Israel has summoned the Polish ambassador to share its disappointment with a proposal that critics have proposed that would make it harder for Polish Jews to recover assets seized from them during the genocide. Reuters reported.

Poland’s House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that outlines restrictions on claims for Nazi-occupied property.

In a statement last week Israeli Foreign Minister Yaer Lapid said the proposed law would prevent genocide survivors and their descendants from getting it. restitution of property stolen from them

“Maintaining genocide memories and concerns about the rights of genocide survivors. including the restitution of Jewish property from the genocide It is an essential element of the Israeli state experience and its defined identity,” Lapid said in his statement.

modest also taken to Twitter to which he responded to comments from the Prime Minister of Poland. Mateusz Morawiecki says Poland will not pay for crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

“We don’t care about Polish money and the hint is anti-Semitism. We are fighting to remember the victims of the Holocaust. for the pride of our people And no parliament can enact a law to deny the Holocaust,” Lapid wrote.

Polish Jews were one of the targets of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust and World War II. Three million Polish Jews died during that time, Reuters said.

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski told Reuters: The country has called in Israel’s affairs in retaliation.

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