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Genshin Impact Leak Report Reveals New Maps And Gameplay Features

new The effect of Genshin The leaks have reportedly revealed new sectors and new gameplay features coming with this new region. With future updates Genshin Impact’s The plan will keep expanding, and we know this due to a Twitter leak, the Genshin report relayed a leak from Genshin Intel expected to show the new Inazuma territory and be part of the map it said. Get inspired from Japan

We’ve been hearing about Inazuma through the leak for quite some time. But now we should know what it will be like on the map and as you can see, there is plenty of water, which is where the newest gaming mechanics come into play.

Players will travel through the islands below with a new sailor. Unfortunately, boating doesn̵

7;t seem to be supported by all sorts of water battles.

For now, details on new regions and boating are rare and unofficial. All these expectations will appear in the 1.5 or 1.6 range, but as with the content itself, this is still to be seen.

And, as always, bring everything here with a grain of salt, not just everything that’s unofficial. But even if it is correct But it may change.

At the time of release, miHoYo developers have not yet commented on this new leak and we do not expect that change as the developer has not commented on the content of the leak. In fact, it seldom even dealt with leaks. That said, if so, we’ll update the story accordingly.

The effect of Genshin Available for free via PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A free action RPG is in development for the Nintendo Switch, but at this time there is no word on when this version will be released.

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